Diamond Education: He Said, She Said with David & Julia

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Victoria & Chayson

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Victoria & Chayson How did you know he was the ONE? After college I moved to NYC for a bit for a work opportunity...so we were long distant for quite some time. No matter what he always came up with sweetest date night ideas to keep us close. During our first few months of dating he planned a night [...]

Victoria & Chayson2021-05-20T02:44:19-05:00

Sophie & Matt

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Sophie & Matt A Surprise Midnight Proposal On a quiet street in the sleepy English countryside, the church bells struck midnight, marking a new day and a new beginning for Sophie and Matt. The perfect backdrop to celebrate the past and begin their new future, Sophie and Matt were engaged in Esher, England in the spring of 2016. Even [...]

Sophie & Matt2021-07-27T16:54:46-05:00

Liz & Cliff

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Liz & Cliff A low-key Saturday morning quickly turned into a day full of fun and festivities when Cliff Alexander proposed to girlfriend Liz. “He was so nervous he forgot to ask me to marry him,” said Liz. “But clearly the ring said it all!” A knock on the door announced the arrival of their closest friends who Cliff [...]

Liz & Cliff2021-07-27T16:56:30-05:00

Kimmy & Ben

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Kimmy & Ben How did you know he was the ONE? There wasn't a specific day that I remember thinking he was the one but by the time he proposed I definitely knew and had known for a while. We dated for 5 years by the time he proposed so by then he knew me better then anyone else [...]

Kimmy & Ben2021-05-20T02:12:13-05:00

Kelli & Ben

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Kelli & Ben TEXAS AGGIE YELL LEADER 2014 - 2016 There’s almost nothing more exciting to an Aggie than making a personal connection to someone on the football field. Whether you’ve met a player, a coach, a yell leader or have a friend on the sidelines, it’s the personal connection among the 102,000 fans that makes you feel closer [...]

Kelli & Ben2021-07-27T16:56:39-05:00

Kaitlan & Brandt

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Kaitlan & Brandt How did you know he was the ONE? I think I somewhat knew Brandt was the one when I first met him, as cheesy or cliche as that sounds. Something was just different. I knew I had to have him in my life one way or another. Getting to know his heart & character over the [...]

Kaitlan & Brandt2021-05-20T02:03:44-05:00

Jessica & Alex

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Jessica & Alex Jessica & Alex: Working with David Gardners Jessica & Alex: Why We Love Each Other Jessica & Alex: Personalization of Jessica’s Ring Jessica & Alex: Their Story Jessica & Alex: A One-of-a-Kind Ring for a One-of-a-Kind Love

Jessica & Alex2021-05-20T01:56:53-05:00

Hailey & Brett

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Hailey & Brett Bret and Hailey met through mutual friends in the fall of 2012. “We became official the night Johnny Football won the Heisman,” said Bret. A senior in the Corps of Cadets, Bret knew he was ready to surprise his girlfriend of two years with the perfect ring and a traditional Corps saber arch proposal. “I chose [...]

Hailey & Brett2021-05-20T01:54:00-05:00

Carrie & Travis

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Carrie & Travis TEXAS A&M WIDE RECEIVER 2011-2013 When former Texas A&M wide receiver Travis Labhart came to David Gardner’s Jewelers in search of the perfect ring for his girlfriend, our store was abuzz with excitement. The Johnny Football favorite got his start on the A&M Women’s Basketball team practice squad. An open try-out for the A&M football team [...]

Carrie & Travis2021-05-20T01:45:10-05:00

Brittney & Andrew

FEATURED AGGIE ENGAGEMENT Brittney & Andrew We loved the custom David Gardner ring made especially for Brittney Gallagher so much, it has already made an appearance on the front cover of last year’s DG Magazine! We talked to the newly engaged couple in their favorite place – at home, in their favorite city – Fort Worth, Texas. For Andrew and Brittney, the [...]

Brittney & Andrew2021-05-20T01:39:44-05:00
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