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23 09, 2022

The Evolution of David Gardner and His Brand


When people think of David Gardner’s Jewelers, they likely think about the detailed journey that a custom DG piece travels through, from the initial idea to a polished product. But the story of how David Gardner developed as a master jeweler and how his enterprise evolved as a brand is another intricate journey that deserves recognition. Let’s dive into the tale of master jeweler David [...]

The Evolution of David Gardner and His Brand2022-09-23T11:25:42-05:00
19 08, 2022

Legacy of Hope


At first glance, 2022 might seem like just an ordinary year. But here in College Station - in Texas A&M University territory - this year marked 100 Years of the 12th Man. Originating with E. King Gill’s symbolic suit-up for the Aggies on January 2, 1922, fans have personally felt partially responsible for every A&M victory. And with last October’s triumph over Alabama, it’s [...]

Legacy of Hope2022-08-19T14:51:47-05:00
29 07, 2022

Reel Life – Renewing Your Wedding Ring!


Diamond wedding rings are the jewelry equivalent of a classic movie REEL that never goes out of style no matter how many times it gets remade. While that original, traditional ring design might hold a certain charm to it, there are new and creative ways to turn your current ring [...]

Reel Life – Renewing Your Wedding Ring!2022-09-10T11:49:07-05:00
22 06, 2022

A Powerhouse Partner That Will Make You Look More Brilliant


Our Values Diamonds are bright, complex, beautiful, and valuable. Each one a is treasure that is created naturally in the Earth. It is the symbol of all things valuable and the proverbial girl’s best friend. However, these little treasures can be difficult to understand with all their complexities. At David Gardner’s Jewelers, we are proud of our integrity, knowledge, quality, exceptional service, and unparalleled [...]

A Powerhouse Partner That Will Make You Look More Brilliant2022-07-27T19:22:01-05:00
22 04, 2022

The Right Way to Put a Ring on It


Lee Travis didn’t experience the panic most men face before becoming a fiancé. There are many things than could contribute to Lee remaining calm, cool, and collected - like his swoon-worthy romance with his now wife Emily - but according to Lee it had a lot to do with David Gardner’s. Lee sat down with Emily, the fashion blogger behind Champagne and Chanel, and [...]

The Right Way to Put a Ring on It2022-08-29T13:17:03-05:00
28 02, 2022

A Love Story – Q&A With Newlyweds Casey and Cassie Mahoney


How did you meet?

Casey: We met through a mutual friend of ours, Sloan Finke, who introduced us on Cinco De Mayo. However, following that introduction we became close friends for several years before we actually started dating.

What did you do on your first date?

Cassie: We laugh [...]

A Love Story – Q&A With Newlyweds Casey and Cassie Mahoney2022-09-09T18:32:51-05:00
24 02, 2022

Like Mother Like Daughter – A Sparkling Legacy


One of our favorite parts of working in the jewelry industry is the front row seat we have to the incredible stories that many pieces of jewelry carry as they are passed from one generation to the next. In many cases, the collection and love of jewelry is handed from [...]

Like Mother Like Daughter – A Sparkling Legacy2022-09-09T18:32:57-05:00
24 02, 2022

Diamond in the Rough


For the past eight years, jeweler Steve Duncan has embraced his role as one of the hardworking, talented men who have long put the jewelersin the name David Gardner’s Jewelers. And while many begin their interactions with Steve because of his vocation, it is clear that there is so [...]

Diamond in the Rough2022-09-09T18:32:50-05:00
8 02, 2022

Anniversary Gift Guide – Jewelry She Will Wear Every Day!


We celebrate our wedding anniversaries only once a year and one way to make your occasion special is with beautiful and sentimental anniversary jewelry. From simpler pieces like pendants or custom-designed necklaces and bracelets, gemstone jewelry is a classic gift that not only expresses your love but can be worn [...]

Anniversary Gift Guide – Jewelry She Will Wear Every Day!2022-09-09T18:33:00-05:00
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