David Gardner examining stone

Explore a curated collection of extraordinary gemstones from one of the finest institutions in rare color.  

For half a century, our source has scoured the globe to find one-of-a-kind, exceptional gems. We are thrilled to partner with them, to have this opportunity to bring some of the world’s finest to you.  

David and Julia measuring the scale of jewelry

Exactly Like Nothing Else 

David Gardner knows that differentiation is key when it comes to longevity and loyal customers. If asked to list what differentiates DG’s from the rest, jewelry designed with rare gemstones would likely fall in the top three.   

David has enthusiastically dedicated a great deal of time and research to the origin, characteristics and unique features of gemstones.   

Julia recalls countless hunts across the country, and sometimes the world, for just the right stone — color, cut and size — at just the right price, for the perfect piece. David’s passion and obsession for these unique wonders of the world is evident through the lens of his design archives.  

Tuscan, AZ

The morning after Julia and David return home with stones from a sourcing trip, the atmosphere among the staff is electric! Excitement brims over as sales advisors first see the stones hand-selected for their clients’ projects, artists envision various design possibilities by matching an array of colors and shapes, and the marketing gurus debate the best content to share first. It’s a lively morning in the store, where anyone visiting is likely to be treated to a showcase of some of the most unique finds, often presented by David himself. The world of rare and exquisite color is captivating — step in to it with us and you’ll see!  

Ruby Stone
Pink and Purple gemstones
Plue gemstones
Aqua gemstones
green gemstone
Red gemstone

Once the loose stones intended for specific customers are pulled from the pile, the artists can begin deliberating designs for the cases. We could brag on our team of five brilliant artists forever — but their work speaks for itself. They approach each stage with meticulous attention to detail, brainstorming, sketching, and refining each piece to perfection. The energy and creativity that permeate our studio result in fine jewelry that is not only beautifully crafted but also imbued with passion and skill.  

Pendant sketch
Purple cross pendant sketch
Ombre green and red stone in pendant sketch
Designer with ring sketch
Designer with sketches

Fabulous creations are showcased throughout our store. Due to their uniqueness, different pieces deeply resonate with different individuals. Our staff, having played a role in the pieces coming to life, often forms attachments to many of the completed designs, making it hard to see them go.