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David Gardner Life CollageDavid Gardner Life Collage


Progression of an Artist


Many don’t know that David worked at the bench as a jeweler for 35 years of his career.

He learned basic jewelry skills while working his way through college. After mastering the basics, he studied advanced techniques and the process of learning how to do something new was thrilling.

Bench Jeweler
Drawing of “David at the bench” by daughter, Angela, at age 6
sculpture of a foot
Sculpting is one of David’s hobbies. This foot was a Glassell School of Art assignment.


After graduating from Texas A&M, David had the opportunity to hone his artistic skills under the instruction of an artist in Salado, TX. While there, David received an excellent introduction to drawing and sculpting. He often lost track of time sculpting jewelry out of wax.

David Gardner's college graduation picture


After three years of studying engineering at Texas A&M, David switched his major to marketing, delaying his graduation by a year. Though it didn’t seem like a blessing at the time, today David’s ability to think like an engineer allows him to masterfully design extremely complicated jewelry.

Handwritten notes next to ring shown in 3 directions


David has a commitment to “never stop learning”. Because of his academic heritage, David immersed himself in studying the masters of jewelry, such as Cartier, Bulgari, and Tiffany.

He was obsessed with learning what details set them apart. After pouring over dozens of images, David routinely asked himself, “What do I remember and why do I remember it?”

David Gardner at drawing board


David commitment to design is evidenced by the drawing board in the middle of the DG design studio. This is where all the essential details are put to paper.

David believes that true design is the ability to play – to move past the initial idea. David loves the opportunity to take risks and explore new ideas.

close up views of ring with hand written design notes


David loves bringing in new technology to further refine the design process. He believes that technology should not only help expedite the process, but also allow you to explore new possibilities and incorporate more complicated designs.


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