graphic image of diamond rings that say's "I love you big"graphic image of diamond rings that say's "I love you big"

DG for your Anniversary

Maybe there is a close second to the universal sign language for “I love you”: a customize sparkly piece of jewelry from David Gardner’s! We are privileged to get to see BIG love on a regular basis.

Some of the biggest gestures of love we see are the celebration of anniversaries. Although most men are baffled by women’s passion for jewelry, their love for the women in their life transcends their need to understand. The stories, surprise in-store reveals, and her reactions never cease to warm our hearts.

We know that no one’s love is always perfect — we’ve been married 50 years! However, we also know that couples can always choose to love BIG! Big love is communicated in many shapes, forms, and sizes; and this big love holds true to its value for years to come. Celebrate your big moment well with DG!

Real-Life Engagement Ring Upgrades

For their 20th anniversary, these DG customers decided it was time to upgrade their engagement ring. He surprised her with a visit to our store to have a new ring designed, and their experience was truly inspiring.

After discussing their preferences, David sketched out his artistic vision, incorporating elements that reflected the couple’s vibrant personality. They enjoyed the process of exploring options and providing feedback. They were thrilled to see the creative ideas through the drawings, expanding their perspective and discovering new possibilities.

With our guidance, they crafted a ring that perfectly captured their vision. David’s execution of the design was exceptional, incorporating a unique split-shank style. The finished ring sparkled with diamonds from every angle, truly reflecting the couple’s radiant personality.

Custom designed 3 tier diamond necklace with customized back. 5 carat diamond pendant custom designed by David Gardner's

Rings upgrades and additions aren’t the only way to “ring” in a big anniversary. Take a cue from David and Julia Gardner and opt for a personalized diamond pendant to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss!

Large oval diamond with halo and two stackable diamond on yellow gold bands alongside an bezel set oval diamond with double halo and several gold and diamond stackable bands.

Stacked bands never go out of style. Consider gifting her with two rings that flank the engagement ring — or go bolder with an even bigger stack to mark the momentous occasion of your big anniversary!

diamond stud earrings in silver settings

Put the dazzle in her eyes with a pair of DG diamond studs. It’s the perfect present that will add some flair to her daily outfits or complement her date night ensembles.

Large diamond ring with smaller diamond offset and several bands of pave diamonds to accent on a gold band.

Feeling sentimental but wanting to incorporate something fresh? Add a colored gemstone or smaller diamond to accent your partner’s engagement ring!

Emerald cut large diamond engagement ring with two smaller diamonds on each side on a gold and silver band.

Time to break with the past and craft a custom ring that symbolizes the new chapter of life you’re entering as a couple? Collaborate with David Gardner’s on a one-of-a-kind diamond ring that captures her enchanting spirit.

Large pear shaped diamond with pave diamond rose gold band.

The more bling the better! Why not gift her with an anniversary band that will stand alone in sophistication or stack with her current ring to enhance its radiance?

David Gardner's custom large sapphire diamond cocktail ring on a silver and gold band alongside a yellow diamond bezel set with diamond paves on a gold band.

Significant anniversaries don’t always have to be celebrated on her left hand. Opt for a right-hand ring, a cocktail ring, or an everyday ring featuring colored diamonds or gemstones.

Partner with DG to Make Your Anniversary Sparkle

At David Gardner’s, we believe upgrading your engagement ring should be an enjoyable adventure. Visit us and let our team reinvent your diamond engagement ring or create a brand-new custom piece from scratch as a testimony to your enduring commitment to the love of your life.