Kaitlan & Brandt

May 20, 2021

Engagement Story Kaitlan & Brandt PhotoshootEngagement Story Kaitlan & Brandt Photoshoot

Kaitlan & Brandt

How did you know he was the ONE?

I think I somewhat knew Brandt was the one when I first met him, as cheesy or cliché as that sounds. Something was just different. I knew I had to have him in my life one way or another. Getting to know his heart & character over the course of dating just validated that for me. He has the sweetest, most gentle, selfless soul. He makes everything so much brighter. Being around him makes my heart feel at home. It’s in the small things. Like the way he makes me feel like we’re on the greatest adventure every day, even if that day just involves sitting on my bedroom floor in PJs building a shelf. It was a no brainer. No second thoughts. He’s the one.

Engagement Story Kaitlan & Brandt RingEngagement Story Kaitlan & Brandt Ring

How did you know she was the ONE?

I met Kaitlan at a young adult’s event at our church and was immediately struck by her physical beauty. She was a small group leader at the church, and I was a nobody who had just moved to the area. After getting to know Kaitlan more through friends and eventually dating, I realized there was so much depth in who she is, her story, her love for Christ, her love for others… I could go on. I don’t have words for how sweet her spirit is. She brings my soul so much joy.

Describe the proposal and plans leading up to it. How many people had to keep it a secret?

I asked Kaitlan to marry me in dear friends of ours backyard and celebrated with family and the wonderful community that has surrounded us from the start. Kaitlan could have a second career in the FBI, so keeping everything from her until the day of was a feat in itself. Kaitlan thought we were going to an Astros game that evening, so I started the day by her getting a ‘casual’ breakfast with her friends, where she opened the first in a series of letters revealing she would not be going to an Astros game (she is a huge Astros fan and I was worried this would ruin her day…) they took her to get her nails done and pick out an outfit, and ultimately drove her to a dear friend of ours who’s house has a beautiful backyard. I asked her to marry me, she said yes (phew!), and we drove to a local cute restaurant where a bunch of our close friends and family were there to surprise and celebrate us! As to everyone who helped make it all possible:

Kaitlan: Describe your thoughts/feelings in the moment.

I always thought I would cry during my proposal, but surprisingly I did not. I was so overwhelmed with excitement. I don’t think I stopped smiling. I’ve never had a feeling like that before. Seeing him down on one knee, asking me to spend forever with him, was the sweetest sight. I just could not believe it. I’ve prayed for my husband for as long as I can remember, long before I even knew Brandt. Knowing he was the one I’ve been praying for us an indescribable feeling. To this day I still get overwhelmed with the happiest emotions. Like I really get to marry this guy?! Are you kidding?!

Brandt: Describe your thoughts/feelings in the moment.

” I was so nervous. I didn’t think I would be that nervous, but man was I. I remember having this entire monologue planned and when I saw her, it all went out the window. A whole lot of excitement!!!!! She looked gorgeous, and I remember her eyes looked so green, beautiful! One of the best moments of my life up to that point! ”

Kaitlan: Did you see it coming?

I did not see it coming. That day I was supposed to go to an Astros game. But to my surprise, Brandt had a special day planned for me. Getting to have breakfast, get nails done, & go shopping with my girls. Then they dropped me off to where Brandt was waiting to execute the most perfect proposal. And afterwards he had a big surprise engagement party waiting for us! All day was such a shock and of course one of my favorite days to date.

Describe the process of selecting her ring. Fears? Expectations?

Going into selecting the ring, I knew I wanted to go to DG after having looked at a couple other places and being disappointed with service or their willingness to work with my budget. My fear was that I would not be able to afford what I knew she was looking for (thank goodness for Pinterest) or that no one would be willing to work with me. DG was both of those things. Caysi was wonderful throughout the process, answering ALL of my questions and providing great options with great insight on each, which resulted in a beautiful ring!

What is your favorite thing about him?

My favorite thing about Brandt is his heart for the Lord and his joyful spirit. He is so firm & secure in his faith. He knows exactly who he is in Jesus. He carries such a humble confidence. His first resort is always prayer in every situation or circumstance. He trusts so strongly in the Lord’s plan. He offers grace as freely as he gets it. And he has the biggest heart to serve God & His people. Brandt is always so positive & uplifting. One of the best encouragers I know. He lights up any room he walks in to. Getting to come up along side him & chase after the Lord together has been the sweetest blessing. I can’t wait to do it for the rest of my life.

What is your favorite thing about her?

Goodness, I have no idea where to begin. Kaitlan has so many wonderful traits and features. She is beautiful, she is thoughtful, she is selfless, she is hilarious (and she knows it), she is so encouraging, she is full of fun, and yet she is incredibly wise. She is thoughtful and tender, yet she is determined, she never gives up. My favorite thing about Kaitlan is that I know she is so much joy, so much grace, and all of those other things I just listed because she is so lost in the source of joy and grace.

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