Allie & Adam

May 20, 2021

Engagement Story Allie & Adam Engagement PhotoshootEngagement Story Allie & Adam Engagement Photoshoot

Allie & Adam

How did you meet?

We went to the same High School, Concordia Lutheran in Tomball, TX. Allie was a cheerleader, and I was on the football team. The cheer team each selected a player to deliver baked goods to on Friday mornings during the season, and Allie chose me! We did not start dating until the end of my senior year, even though I was going off to college and she was staying for her senior year. We knew that we could make it work, and we were very grateful when Allie ended up coming to A&M too. We’ve been by each other’s side ever since.

Allie & Adam Engagement Ring, DG JewelersAllie & Adam Engagement Ring, DG Jewelers

The Proposal from Adam’s perspective:

I had been building up to that day for so long, and I couldn’t have done any of it without the help of mine and Allie’s family. Allie’s Mom and her best friend Kate helped me design the ring, customize our new Family Bible and get a custom ring box; her Dad had a place built on the perfect spot at his ranch for me to ask the question; her parents, brothers, and sister-in-law helped me put all the pieces together for the day of and my brother, dad and grandparents were all involved too. My grandparents even drove in from North Carolina to be there when I asked! On the day of the proposal, I was so nervous that I was trying to do anything to distract myself, so she didn’t notice something was going on. It felt like forever, but the moment finally came and everything was perfect.

The Proposal from Allie’s perspective:

On the way to my family’s ranch, which is where he proposed, I knew something was up because Adam was acting very nervous and we had to stop for gas even though we had almost a full tank. I kept asking what was wrong, but he wouldn’t tell me anything. He thought he was being sneaky but he’s not a very good liar! When we pulled up and I saw the wooden structure that my Dad had made for the occasion, all covered with lights and with rose petals leading up to it, I knew right away what was going on. As we were walking up to a bluff that looks out over the hills, I heard someone taking pictures with their camera and it turned out to be my Grandpa hiding in a deer blind! I was in awe that Adam took the time to have a Bible made with “Adam and Allie Buckley” imprinted on the cover. After he proposed and I said Yes, we went inside, and all our family was waiting for us to celebrate! It was all so perfectly thought out and the whole evening was everything I could’ve ever dreamed of.

Did you see it coming?

I knew he was going to ask me sometime soon because we’d talked about our future, but I honestly had no idea it was going to happen on October 20. My mom always likes to have our family pictures made, so that’s what they told me was going on in order to get me dressed up for the proposal. Adam threw me off by telling me that he was still shopping for the ring and showing me different ideas, so I didn’t know it was already done.

Describe the sentiments of Allie’s DG Ring.

Adam had my ring custom made with all kinds of help from Caysi at David Gardner’s, my mom, his family, and my best friend Kate. He used the melee from his Mom’s ring, who passed away four years ago when Adam was a freshman at A&M. The center stone was picked out just for me, so this ring has a very special meaning to both of us. It isn’t only a beautiful engagement ring, with every detail designed by Adam with love and care, but it’s also a reminder of Adam’s mom for me to carry with me forever.

What is your favorite thing about him?

My favorite thing about Adam is his passion to serve others and the way he loves me.

What is your favorite thing about her?

Allie is the way that she pushes me to be a better man. She is my inspiration in everything that I do.

Plans for the future:

Our wedding will be this upcoming July, at Allie’s home church: The Woodlands United Methodist Church. The reception will be at Big Sky Barn in Conroe, which is Allie’s dream venue. We can’t wait to spend that time with all our friends and family, celebrating our marriage. For the future, Allie will be teaching next fall while I am in Quantico, Virginia for training. I will be coming back to Texas in the Spring, and then we will move together to Pensacola, FL for Adam to start Flight School for the Marine Corps. After that, we don’t know what the future holds but we are excited for our adventures together!

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