A Snowflake That Can Take the Heat

May 20, 2020

Snowflake Shaped pendantSnowflake Shaped pendant

A Snowflake That Can Take The Heat

Sitting down with Bob and Kathy Gresham to talk about the inspiration and design of Kathy’s surprise 24th anniversary gift will give you a glimpse into one of the coolest projects for one of the hottest love stories we’d heard in quite sometime.

For their 24th wedding anniversary Bob wanted to do something special, and something that was a complete surprise. “I don’t get the chance to surprise her much,” he said. “I have to hide all of her gifts or she’ll find them. One year I hid her present in the AC vent!”

A recent viewing of a Discovery documentary on the uniqueness of snowflakes coupled with Kathy’s lifetime love of all things snowflake gave Bob the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind pendant.

“For us, it was a spectacular project,” said David. “There was fun and freedom in the process and researching snowflakes’ crystalline structure to make into a pendent was something we had never done before.”

“Once we got passed the complexity of the design, finding ceylon sapphires the right color was proving to be a challenge,” said David. “When we found sapphires the right light blue color, we had to send them back to be recut specifically for the design.”

When the day came to give her the pendent, Kathy still had no idea what awaited her. “I’m an ER nurse so I’m never speechless,” she said. “But I was genuinely shocked, in the best way!”

“We are each other’s soul mates and this piece perfectly demonstrates our unique relationship. There is only one of me, and there is only one of these,” she said pointing to her snowflake.

Man and woman embraced, pose for a photo with a wooded backdrop

Bob and Kathy Gresham

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