Victoria & Chayson

May 20, 2021

Victoria & Chaysen Engagement PartyVictoria & Chaysen Engagement Party

Victoria & Chayson

How did you know he was the ONE?

After college I moved to NYC for a bit for a work opportunity…so we were long distant for quite some time. No matter what he always came up with sweetest date night ideas to keep us close. During our first few months of dating he planned a night and he ordered my favorite foods to be delivered, sent flowers, and we watched a movie together through FaceTime. I thought it was so funny because my doorbell kept going off – each course (dessert included) were all from different places. It sounds funny, but that moment i do remember thinking how sweet and thoughtful he was to coordinate something fun for us to do together being so far a part. I know we were both new to dating…and I was new and at first a little alone in the city. The fact that he wanted to find a way to be there for me thousands of miles away made me realize that with him I’d never be alone…no matter how far apart or what the situation is he’d find a way to be together.

Victoria & Chaysen Engagement Ring PhotoshootVictoria & Chaysen Engagement Ring Photoshoot

How did you know she was the ONE?

I knew she was the one before we started dating. We were at a party, on a balcony with about 20 other people around us. We sat down next to each other and started talking. We spoke about our likes, dislikes, future goals, beliefs, families… I was lost in the conversation. I snapped out of my daze, looked around and realized everyone else had left the balcony, and we’d been sitting out there alone talking for about 3 hours, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Right then I asked her out on a date, and she said yes.

Describe the proposal and plans leading up to it. How many people had to keep it a secret?

”I LOVED planning the proposal. There was some trickery and a TON of help from close friends and family. It’s a long story, so the best way to explain it is to show the email I sent to the group (about 30 people).

“Hey team!

I put this group together so I can share with everyone the details of how/when/where/ I’m proposing to Victoria. Remember this is a SURPRISE, so you must swear a blood oath to continue reading… Not really, but nobody likes a surprise-ruiner so please shhhhhh. So without further ado, here is my diabolical plan.

Diabolical Plan

We’re going to lead off with our friend, Mrs. Sarah Falkenstein (code name: The Falcon), who will soon tell Victoria that she purchased some tickets to a wine-tasting event. This “”event”” will take place at Public Services, a wine and whiskey bar in Downtown Houston, on Saturday July 7th, at 6:30PM. Yes, I am baiting my future fiancé with wine and cheese. Thank you, Sarah, for the assist.

Fast-forward to Friday, July 6th, where Victoria’s cousin, Mrs. Elise Holland (code name: Hollandaise), will take Victoria to get a manicure/pedicure and relaaaax. Didn’t really have to twist Elise’s arm too hard for this one. Side note: She just had twins so she totally deserves it.

On July 7th, I will start preparing the party room at Public Services at about 4PM, and I would like everyone to arrive around 6PM. At 6:30PM Sarah should arrive with Victoria, when Victoria opens the double doors to the party room, she will see all of us, and I will ask her about how she feels about seeing my dumb face for the rest of her life.

So just to be clear:


Saturday, July 7th, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Public Services Wine and Whiskey

202 Travis Street

Houston, TX 77002

How do I get there?

I suggest using Uber, but if you’d like to drive, there is a pay-to-park parking lot next to the bar – I’ve attached a picture for reference.

Will they allow kids/babies in this establishment?

Yes, as long as they stay in the party room.

Will there be food?

I can’t bribe Victoria with wine and cheese and not give her wine and cheese – that would be crazy. Yes, I will provide food.

Will there be drinks?

There is a full-service bar available.

Dress code?

I’m never sure how to categorize these things, but I’d say Sunday best or business casual. I will be in a suit but that’s because I have a lady to impress.

Is there anything I need to do?

Show up at 6, eat the food, tell Victoria she looks pretty (because, obviously, she will), drink some drinks, and enjoy the company 🙂

Okay so I know this email is long and a little silly, but in all seriousness, this is a big step for Victoria and I, and I am so so excited to ask her to marry me. You all mean a lot to us and we’d really love it if you can make it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please text me at my number listed below.

When Victoria got to the place, I was standing in front of the door to the party room holding a rose. When she first saw me, she looked so confused because I told her I would be out of town for the weekend. I handed her the rose, and opened the door to the party room – where everyone was standing in a semi-circle around the entrance. I took her hand, walked her to the middle of the circle, got on a knee, and asked her to marry me.

Victoria: Describe your thoughts/feelings in the moment.

At first when I saw him I was confused because I was thinking wait…you’re not in town? And then when he pulled out a rose and said he has a surprise I was like wait…This is it! It’s all making sense! I felt his arm a little jittery and I know he said some really sweet things and I honestly blacked out for a second or two (I think he did too) The moment felt like forever and then so quick at the same time.. when I saw everyone together -I was so happy and i could feel the love. I’m so thankful and happy everyone was able to come and share our special moment. Chayson did a beautiful job planning the proposal and party afterwards. It was perfect. Everything I could have wanted.

Chayson: Describe your thoughts/feelings in the moment.

My heart was beating faster and faster with every ETA update I received from Victoria’s friend. It was hard to breathe after I got the “1 minute out” text. She comes around the corner and I just about melted. I had a speech planned… I practiced it all day. As soon as I saw her I forgot every word of it. I might have gotten the first two sentences out, but I’m pretty sure I went rouge after that – blacked out in the moment. Next thing I know I’m kissing her and she has the ring on her finger so I couldn’t ask for more!

Victoria: Did you see it coming?

I had absolutely no clue! A friend of mine reached out inviting me to a wine tasting event (baiting me with wine and cheese) and I had fun spa plans with my cousins and sister that weekend. Chayson was out of town so I seriously had no clue that it was all apart of the surprise plan! I just thought I had a fun girly weekend ahead of me. The “Event” was a women’s event that my friend’s advertising firm was hosting -one of previous Bachelorette contestants was supposed to be there as a special guest. So here so am like ooh Bachelorette + girls wine night?! I’m in! Butttt I had no idea the night was going to leave ME with my man, a gorgeous ring, and the final rose.

Describe the process of selecting her ring. Fears? Expectations?

An engagement ring is a HUGE purchase (obviously). I already knew the type of ring Victoria wanted, so it came down to choosing which diamond to use for the ring. Diamonds themselves can be pretty overwhelming, but Caysi made the process as easy as possible. I stopped by DG at first to just learn about diamonds, with no intention of purchasing one immediately. They took me through EVERYTHING, and there was no pressure to get a diamond outside of my price range, or to purchase a diamond right then. I didn’t buy a diamond then, but it was about two weeks later when Caysi called and said, “Chayson, we just got a diamond in, and this is the one!” I was so excited! As soon as I saw it, I knew she was right!

What is your favorite thing about him?

There’s a lot of things…besides being super handsome…I love that we can 1000% just be ourselves. No matter what I can tell him anything and everything. Behind all the inside jokes and “us” things we can talk forever about all the serious and all the silly – he’s always there to listen, support me, and cheer me on even if I’m not feeling so great. He’s incredibly thoughtful, caring, and extremely selfless. He’d do absolutely anything for a friend – he’s always putting others first and will bend over backwards to make what needs to happen – happen. Everyone loves him and he always seems to make a friend wherever we go. I’m thankful to have him and those qualities in a future husband.

What is your favorite thing about her?

She’s one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. Everything she does, she wants to do it the right way… She wants to research it, work at it, and be the best at it. It’s what makes her so successful in her career. It’s what makes her such a great partner, sister, daughter. I know that she is going to be the BEST wife and (in the future) mother because she wouldn’t accept anything less than the best from herself.

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