DG Engagement Ring Story – In Every Season – Ben and Kelli

December 22, 2021

Newlyweds stand on a bridge with flowers around themNewlyweds stand on a bridge with flowers around them

There’s almost nothing more exciting to an Aggie than making a personal connection to someone on the football field. Whether you’ve met a player, a coach, a yell leader, or have a friend on the sidelines, it’s the personal connection among the 100,000+ fans that makes you feel closer to the game.

Three men pose with thumbs up inside a room, the man in the middle wearing all whiteThree men pose with thumbs up inside a room, the man in the middle wearing all white

We were thrilled to meet Texas Aggie Yell Leader Ben Ritchie during a kickoff event for Brazos County A&M Club’s Coach’s Night at our store. Alongside fellow Yell Leader Steven Lanz, the adorable, never-met-a-stranger 22-year-olds led the group in yells, shook hands, and took pictures with diehard Aggie fans. The fun-loving Aggie won us all over when he even proposed to Steven at the end of the night on bended knee!

What we didn’t realize is that he was practicing for the real thing! Shortly after our first meeting, Ben came in ready to coordinate a real proposal to girlfriend of five years Kelli Hine, a nationally-ranked member of the Mizzou tennis team.

“Kelli and I had no idea about diamonds or engagement rings,” said Ben. “We went back to David Gardner’s together because I wanted to make sure she loved it. Randy and David helped me through the process. I’m really grateful for how they worked out the details.“

Ben and Kelli chose a stunning engagement ring that the DG shop personalized by adding a yellow gold cross underneath the diamond.

“I wanted Kelli to have something unique and wanted her to know she’s unique and special to me, I wanted the ring to be that way as well,” said Ben. “Christ is the symbol of our relationship and marriage so the cross was the perfect addition to Kelli’s ring.”

Ben proposed to Kelli while in Missouri the next summer on the beautiful Mizzou campus. A trail of lights and pictures led her to Ben on bended knee, for her this time. “Kelli is beautiful inside and out. I’m excited about what God has planned,” said Ben.

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