A DG Custom Anniversary Ring – Bethancourt Aggie Redux

January 23, 2022

Man and woman pose with an image of a beautiful silver and gold ring next to itMan and woman pose with an image of a beautiful silver and gold ring next to it

It’s safe to say that the entire country has been watching with bated breath as the opening of the new Kyle Field went off without a hitch. The new stadium “redux” got us thinking about one of our favorite Aggie ring “redux” stories.

As a top Chevron executive, John Bethancourt, wife Debbie, and their four children lived in many large cities across the country. When it came time to retire, they knew College Station was it. “If you have season tickets, your kids will come visit you,” Debbie joked.

For Debbie and John Bethancourt, their love of A&M is truly a way of life. The die-hard Aggie supporters have a rich family history with A&M beginning with John’s father Raoul, class of ’31. Along with numerous aunts and uncles, John class of ’74 and Debbie class of ’76 as well as their four children and each of their children’s spouses graduated from Texas A&M. With 14 grandchildren, the oldest a set of 12-year-old triplets, they are hopeful the legacy continues with as many of them as possible.

David and Julia got to know the Distinguished Alumni and his wife through A&M events. Their love of family is evident in all aspects of their life, an endearing quality David and Julia admired right away. Debbie will tell you, during football season their house is always ready for a crowd. “It is always a party at our house,” said Debbie.

John enjoyed celebrating Debbie with thoughtful jewelry purchases. Introducing Debbie to the custom design jewelry process and knowing her tendency to choose conservative pieces was a risk when working with David. To his surprise, the couple has consistently given David freedom in designing pieces for her.

“I’ve been so thrilled she’s accepted the risk of a more complicated design each time we’ve collaborated,” said David.

Although the DG design studio was working with her 25th anniversary marquise diamond, the parameters were clear: Debbie did not want it to resemble a wedding ring in any way. David determined the subtle approach of pulling in the A&M color scheme using garnets and diamonds would make a stunning Aggie right-hand ring. Design and setting of the diamond was also a first for the DG design studio as the marquise is safely set in a custom designed semi-bezel mounting.

Debbie was thrilled with the results and wears her A&M right-hand ring whenever her outfit calls for a flash of Aggie spirit!

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