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The Evolution of David Gardner and His Brand

September 23, 2022

David Gardner at his bench and drawing board younger and olderDavid Gardner at his bench and drawing board younger and older

When people think of David Gardner’s Jewelers, they likely think about the detailed journey that a custom DG piece travels through, from the initial idea to a polished product. But the story of how David Gardner developed as a master jeweler and how his enterprise evolved as a brand is another intricate journey that deserves recognition. Let’s dive into the tale of master jeweler David Gardner and the famous enterprise he has cultivated that has garnered so many fans from College Station locals and customers nationwide.

“The process of art evolving is always one which has fascinated me.”

– Norman McLaren,
Animator and Filmmaker

The Development of an Artist

Formational Years

From the very start, David Gardner established himself as a lifelong learner with a passion for the art of jewelry making. Beginning with basic bench jewelry skills in his early 20s, he worked his way through college while studying advanced jewelry techniques.

Though he spent three years as an engineering major at Texas A&M, he later switched to marketing for his undergrad. He credits his engineering background as laying the foundation for the detailed designs he creates for customers today.

Post-graduation, David spent some time under the wing of an artist in Salado, Texas, honing his drawing and sculpting skills. This opportunity further cultivated his love for designing original works of art and molding jewelry out of wax.

Gardner family photo, graduationGardner family photo, graduation
David Gardner working at his bench on jewelryDavid Gardner working at his bench on jewelry

An Ongoing Education

Over the course of his career, David worked 45 years as a bench jeweler. This experience of being personally involved with every stage of the jewelry creation process is something that has always stayed with him.

He’s spent ample time studying jewelry designs from iconic brands like Tiffany, Cartier, and Bulgari, making notes of which design elements he liked and why. The elegance and opulence of David Gardner’s diverse jewelry line is a testimony to his independent education and his dedication to finessing his art.

A Constant Focus on Design

To this day, drawing plays a key role in every piece of jewelry that David imagines and shapes into reality. His drawing board is anchored at the center of the DG design studio. It’s a sacred place where David explores new concepts and visually “plays with” designs until they meet his and his clients’ satisfaction.

True to his engineering roots, David leverages the latest technology in his studio. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software is just one of the ways that he and his team push the boundaries of custom jewelry design. With CAD, the David Gardner’s team can translate a sketch into a 3D digital rendering of the ring or other piece being created. This technology reduces the time it takes to produce a custom jewelry piece, while making the most detailed and intricate of styles possible.

David not only embodies a commitment to education and precision but instills these qualities in his employees. Each jeweler on staff uses binocular microscopes and inspect their work at the microscopic level to ensure its visual excellence to the unaided eye. The team also uses laser technology to restore and care for more sensitive jewelry pieces made from platinum and/or colored gemstones.

Nots about diamondsNots about diamonds

The Progression of a Brand

AGS and Accolades

From 2012-2014, David served as president of the American Gem Society. He credits the organization’s annual Conclave event as a major inspiration for some of his team’s best concepts and products.

Recently, both David and Julia were inducted into the National Jeweler’s 2019 Retailer Hall of Fame. This exclusive title is given to jewelers who have inspired their colleagues and made significant contributions to the jewelry industry. Some of the criteria for inductees is that they must be actively involved in the community, committed to innovation, have a thriving business, and an excellent reputation among other jewelers.

“A creative moment is part of a longer creative process which, in turn, is part of a creative life.”

– Tom Wujec, Technology Pioneer and Entrepreneur

The Current Masterpieces of David Gardner

The current David Gardner’s lineup pays homage to the storied journey of the artist who is the heartbeat of the enterprise. His lifelong commitment to detail, precision, and craftmanship has paid off with winning the First Place Design award in Jewelers of America competition, but the real prize is designing intricate and custom jewelry pieces to commemorate special events and immortalize relational milestones for clients.

Silver rings with blue diamondSilver rings with blue diamond

Award Winning David Gardner Design, One of a Kind

Contemporary Collections

Gold clover pendantsGold clover pendants

The DG Signature Collection is a suite of original designs that capture the sophistication and timelessness of the David Gardner’s brand. From the Clover Collection to the Faith Hope and Love earrings, you’re bound to gravitate toward one of these crowd-pleasing styles.

A tribute to the inspiration that sometimes hits when life takes a slower pace, the Quarantine Collection arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. This repertoire of pieces symbolizes the enduring spirit and boundless creativity of both David Gardner and the American people during this unprecedented time.

Blue Zircon RingBlue Zircon Ring
Gold necklace with blue stoneGold necklace with blue stone

Prefer something more unique? Own a piece of jewelry that no one else is wearing when you go the one-of-a-kind route at David Gardner’s Jewelers. Here are just some of the distinctive pieces that we’ve created for clients in the past.

Want to reimagine a family heirloom? The DG team has vast experience in remakes, so you can retain some of the past while incorporating new elements to make a piece more “you.”

Gold ring with silver topGold ring with silver top
Gold men's wedding bandsGold men's wedding bands

Need a custom design that has a more masculine feel? Men’s designs are another focus of David Gardner’s. From personalized cuff links to Aggie-inspired wedding bands, we help our male customers turn their ideas into iconic pieces that they’re proud to wear every day.

David Gardner at work, black and whiteDavid Gardner at work, black and white

Experience the Artist and the Brand for Yourself

Here at David Gardner’s Jewelers, we celebrate the legacy of David Gardner and the brand that he helped elevate to its present-day success. We do this each day by valuing each customer’s individual journey and creating custom designs with their input.

Schedule an appointment to tap into David Gardner’s unparalleled expertise and inspiration as you turn the jewelry piece you’ve envisioned into a reality. We’ll walk with you each step of the way, from concept to completion, and guarantee that you’ll exit the experience satisfied with the quality and craftmanship of the piece we design and produce exclusively for you.

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