Celebrating the Tennis Bracelet and the Sport It’s Named After

August 25, 2022

Courtney Fisher in tennis uniform posing amongst tennis ballsCourtney Fisher in tennis uniform posing amongst tennis balls

It’s August, which means…it’s almost time for the 2022 U.S. Open! This year’s event will kick off in New York City on Aug. 29 and continue through Sept. 11. So…it’s the perfect time to celebrate one of our favorite pieces of jewelry at David Gardner’s Jewelers: the tennis bracelet.

At David Gardner’s Jewelers, we know and love sporting events, which is why we want to take a moment to talk about the sport-inspired history of the tennis bracelet. We’ll also share some of our top favorite things about tennis bracelets and introduce you to three members of our tennis bracelet “team.”

How the tennis bracelet got its start

Tennis bracelets have a fascinating origin story. As the name suggests, this bracelet style has ties to the sport of tennis — and the 1978 U.S. Open.*

Professional tennis player Chris Evert was wowing the crowd with her skills and the string of diamonds on her wrist. Her bracelet suddenly fell off in the middle of the match. She requested a pause for play so she could retrieve her jewels.

This moment not only drew attention to this stunning bracelet style, but it’s also responsible for coining the phrase “tennis bracelet”. Evert herself confirmed the attribution in an interview with AOL in 2018.

But tennis bracelets were around decades before they were officially called “tennis bracelets”. According to Vogue’s Elle Timms, the tennis bracelet style emerged in the 1920s when the stacked bracelet style became a trend. It was known as the “diamond line” or “eternity” bracelet — the latter name coming from the design’s intent, which was to symbolize eternal love between the giver and the recipient.

What we love about tennis bracelets

The David Gardner’s team is passionate about the tennis bracelet. It has the structural durability and flexibility to wear it every day and the iconic sparkle to make each day feel like a special occasion! It will elevate your style no matter what you’re doing while wearing it — weeding your garden, playing with the grandkids, or cheering on your favorite sports team here in Aggieland.

It’s an ideal jewelry piece for those with a versatile lifestyle. And it’s designed to keep on glimmering for years to come!

Meet our tennis team

Versatile and elegant, the tennis bracelet collection at David Gardner’s Jewelers is comprised of a variety of styles to fit different personalities. And they’re designed to make you look fabulous whether you’re about to serve on the tennis court or enjoying a formal dinner with friends. The David Gardner’s team is thrilled to spotlight the following three bracelets: Classic Prong-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Platinum Semi-Bezel Diamond Tennis Bracelet, and Bezel Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Classic Prong Set Diamond Tennis BraceletClassic Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Classic Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Classic Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet, which can be stacked in multiples, carries a certain elegance with it. It comes in a variety of styles, from a simple diamond strand to one interlaced with sapphires. It’s a great way to mix and match styles, and there’s no limit to how you can use them.

Platinum Semi-Bezel Tennis BraceletPlatinum Semi-Bezel Tennis Bracelet

Platinum Semi-Bezel Tennis Bracelet

Nothing tops the elegance and wearability of a diamond set in platinum. The shimmering color of the platinum and the sparkling diamonds just add an incredible amount of elegance to any look. It’s become an instant favorite with our staff (especially Julia!) and one we are proud to showcase.

Bezel Set Diamond Tennis BraceletBezel Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Bezel Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This bracelet will absolutely pop off the wrist — just not literally, like Chris Evert’s did! It features beautifully cut diamonds set in circular gold settings carefully linked together. The contrast between the diamonds and the gold truly makes this bracelet stand apart from the rest.

Celebrating late-summer tennis

This season at David Gardner’s Jewelers, we’re celebrating tennis — both the game and the bracelet! With the 2022 US Open upon us, now is the perfect time to “sport” a new tennis bracelet.

We have an amazing collection that fits any style and budget. So, whether you’re buying your first tennis bracelet or an additional one to add to a collection, you’re bound to find just the right piece to match your personality and complement each of your outfits.

Tennis bracelets also make wonderful gifts, sure to win her smile.

Meet our tennis “players” for yourself when you browse the David Gardner Tennis Bracelet Collection here. And get ready to step onto the tennis court — or anywhere — in style!

Collage of a tennis photoshoot on a green backgroundCollage of a tennis photoshoot on a green background

*There’s a debate about whether Evert’s famous tennis bracelet incident happened in 1978 or 1987. But Evert’s publicist confirms she remembers it as happening in 1978. (And it’s hard to forget when you lost a tennis bracelet, so we’re going with that date!)

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