David Gardner’s Jewelers’ 35th Anniversary Fundraiser: Shining the Spotlight on Kidz 1st Fund

October 17, 2018

Men and women laughing while holding drinks at a fundraiser
Kidz 1st Fund Logo

Several months ago, our hearts were touched by Ethan Fisher’s story and Kidz 1st Fund, the Fisher’s foundation that is passionate about finding a cure for their son & the many families affected by Fanconi Anemia. On October 18, we raised money for Kidz 1st Fund and raised hope for Ethan. It was a festive evening of fundraising, an evening full of memories we will cherish.

About Kidz 1st Fund:

Kidz1stFund was established by Jimbo Fisher and Candi Fisher to fund the fight against Fanconi anemia, a rare blood disorder that affects their son, Ethan. When they were told that Ethan had Fanconi anemia, their lives immediately changed. They wanted to know everything they could about the disease, but soon found that there wasn’t much information available and that having a rare disease also meant that research funding was rare.. That’s when they knew they had to do something that would not only help their son, but also help the many others affected by Fanconi anemia. Over the past seven years, Kidz1stFund has raised 7.5 million dollars for research, encouraged people to join the National Bone Marrow Registry so that patients with FA and over 70 other diseases will be able to find their life saving match and has continues to raise awareness for the disease in the hopes of finding a cure. To learn more about Kidz 1st Fund visit: https://www.kidz1stfund.com