Twists and Turns: Customizing Your Classic Engagement Ring at David Gardner’s

February 10, 2023

Left hand, ring finger. The engagement ring.
An iconic moment, a stolen breath, a graceful testimony to the love two share. Diamonds dance in delicate harmony, depicting a story that is solely yours.
Explore the incredibly classic and especially unique engagement ring collections designed by David Gardner.

Custom is a great choice if you prefer a unique take on a timeless design or want to incorporate a sentimental element in the ring with which you propose. Here are just some of the special details that your DG engagement ring can have to spark your inspiration as you embellish the classic engagement ring or start designing one from scratch.

Ways to Customize a Classic Engagement Ring at DG

White Gold Diamond ring with round center stone and angled shank stones

Baguettes or SIDE stones

While a classic engagement ring can stand on its own, consider stepping up its style with a series of elements that harken back to previous generations or a specific period like the Art Deco era. For instance, you can personalize your ring with baguettes or fancy-shaped diamonds down the shank.

Colored accent stone

Give a nod to a significant month when you add a colored accent stone to your custom engagement ring design. Whether it’s the month you met, your birth months, or any other special month that stands out in your relationship, it’s a simple way to enhance the sentimentality of the ring. One of our favorite uses of colored accent stones was the ring we designed for Champagne & Chanel. The design incorporated sapphires to represent Lee’s family’s dedication to law enforcement.

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring with colored accent stones
3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with 2 "W"s incorporated into the setting


Another detail to incorporate in your custom ring from DG is your partner’s initials or both of your initials. For instance, one of our clients upgraded his wife Wendie’s engagement ring by incorporating two “W”s into the setting. We love the subtlety of this design element and are thrilled with how the finished ring turned out.

Secret details

If a solitaire-style view from the top is important to her, consider adding a unique element in the side view of the ring. The gallery area of an engagement ring is one popular place to include unexpected details; include a hidden halo or hidden diamond under the center stone as a fun surprise.

Consider engraving a special message, your initials, or the date you met into the band of the ring.

Diamond Solitaire Ring with diamonds set into the side view and gallery area of the ring
Yellow Gold Diamond Ring with a twist of diamond accent stones along the shank

A retrospective style with a hint of modernity

Solitaire styles will never go out of style. But why not make yours stand out from the crowd with a touch of personality? We’re loving this solitaire design with a twist of diamond accent stones that bridges from one of the prongs to the shank.

A unique center stone shape

Think outside the box when it comes to your classic engagement ring’s center stone. Go with a radiant, marquise, pear-shaped, or cushion-cut diamond. It’s amazing just how much a unique center stone shape can add character to an otherwise traditional style.

White Gold Diamond Ring with radiant shaped center stone

Pair it with a ring stack

When you create or customize a classic engagement ring at David Gardner’s, we’ll help you choose complementary rings for a personalized ring stack. After all, the more the merrier when it comes to all things shiny and sparkly! 

White Gold Diamond Rings Stacked

Timeless Engagement Rings at DG

Whether you prefer a classic engagement ring or a more modern style, David Gardner’s is the only place you need to visit when it comes to finding the ring with which you’ll pop the big question. An engagement ring is nothing less than an expression of your passion for your partner, an embodiment of your hopes for the present and future.

At David Gardner’s, we’re so lucky to collaborate with clients on their classic engagement ring designs. From custom designing a ring with a vintage vibe to adding elegant details to an heirloom engagement ring, we’re here to help bring your vision to life.

We keep you informed, from consultation and the CAD design process to when your ring is ready to be picked up from our shop. You will be a part of the process, every step of the way, when you partner with DG to craft an engagement ring.

Stop by our shop to browse our selection of classic and modern engagement rings as well as other styles. Or schedule a consultation to get started customizing an heirloom engagement ring or designing a vintage-styled ring to match your partner’s distinct personality.

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