How Do You Stack Up? – A Guide to Stacked Rings at DG

December 26, 2022

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Stacked  bands are a best-loved style at David Gardner’s.  Whether it’s wearing multiple rings on the same finger just for the fun of it or slowly adding to your ring stack over time as special events happen, this concept is so adaptable its popularity isn’t surprising.

At David Gardner’s we’re all about stacking ‘em high (and we’re guessing you are, too!). Maybe you like the ring stack for the fashion statement it makes or the story it tells (or both!). Regardless of which category you fall into, you know it’s time to take the leap and begin a stack of your own. Here’s a guide to the different types of stacked ring styles we love and just some of the occasions that might inspire a new addition to your stack. We’ll also take a moment to answer a few commonly asked questions and share some hints from building our own stacks.

Styles of stacks

Radiant and Round Diamond BandsRadiant and Round Diamond Bands

Brilliant Round or Radiant Bands

The fire and radiance of a brilliant round or radiant diamond band complements the beauty of every diamond shape. This style exudes sophistication and makes a shiny statement wherever you go. You can also wear it alone, like for those times when you need to drop your engagement ring off at David Gardner’s to get it professionally cleaned or have a prong retipped.

Eternity Bands

A classic look, an eternity band speaks volumes on its own or coupled with an engagement ring. Its endless sequence of diamonds symbolizes the unending love between you and your partner. Go for a vintage vibe when you go with an oval eternity ring style that’s sideways set or that has a traditional North/South setting style. One of our favorite things about this band — you don’t have to worry about it spinning around since there’s no middle part of the design to keep centered on your finger. That makes it a great choice for those who are constantly on the move when it comes to weekday routines and weekend adventures.

DG Eternity BandsDG Eternity Bands
Fancy Shape Diamond BandsFancy Shape Diamond Bands

Mixed Fancy Shape Diamond Bands

Channel your distinctive personality when you incorporate mixed fancy shape diamond bands into your stack. This design makes it easy to mix and match while expressing your individuality with fun shapes. Try varying the metals within the stack for an even more dynamic look. For instance, going with rose, yellow, and white gold all in the same ring set.

Bezel Settings

Want the glam but not in the mood for “high maintenance”? Opt for a bezel setting when selecting a band to wear alongside your engagement ring. Not only does this style embody originality but it’s super secure. That means you can wear it without worrying about snagging it on your favorite sweater.

Silver Stacked RingsSilver Stacked Rings
Silver, gold, green and blue rings stacked togetherSilver, gold, green and blue rings stacked together

Colored Accent Stones

Time to commemorate a special anniversary or the birth of your first child? Add a pop of color to your current band when you incorporate your anniversary month stone or your child’s birth month stone in the design. It’s a vibrant way to pay tribute to the milestones that mean most to you while stepping up your stack’s style.

Questions About Stacks

At David Gardner’s, customers have a couple of questions they tend to ask about stacked rings as they jump on board themselves.

What order should I stack the rings in? 

For wedding ring stacks, it’s common to put the engagement ring in the middle and two additional rings on either side of it. Though, some wearers prefer to position their engagement ring at the bottom of the set and have two rings above it. Typically, the rings in a stack are made to fit adjacent to each other. But, depending on the style of the rings, you could go with a staggered stack where the other bands partially lay underneath the center diamond of your engagement ring. Really, it all comes down to personal preference (i.e., what looks and feels right for you).

What occasions call for adding to a ring stack

Anything from a wedding or anniversary to the achievement of a goal or welcoming a new addition to your family calls for a new addition to your ring stack. It’s also a great “just because” gift that you can drop hints about to your partner. And don’t think that you have to create a ring stack overnight. It’s often more fun to slowly add to your stack over time as you experience more of life’s crowning victories and joyful milestones.

DG Stacked Rings ExampleDG Stacked Rings Example

Stacks at DG

Not sure which stacked ring style suits you best? Need help mixing and matching bands as you add to your stack? Stop by David Gardner’s Jewelers! Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to talk through your options and pair you with the right ring or ring stack to fit your aesthetic and the special moment you’re celebrating. We’ll also be happy to share cleaning tips for your ring stack (so you can keep it in excellent condition for many shiny days to come!).

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