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Chelsea and Joseph Briers – Custom Engagement Ring Couple

December 20, 2021

Compilation of a man and woman happily married, at their weddingCompilation of a man and woman happily married, at their wedding

Chelsea, we know you worked at David Gardner’s while you were in college. Tell us about that experience and how it helped you decide on a DG custom designed engagement ring.

While working at DG, I learned the incredible process that creates a DG custom engagement ring as well as the value you get from a custom designed piece. The process is truly custom. David and his team can create anything you can dream up and he will also help guide you. Sometimes what you think you want actually isn’t what looks best and he will help show you that and educate you. I also learned that custom jewelry design doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Sometimes you have to pay a premium for a designer’s brand when picking a ring from the case and it may not even include all of the attributes you are hoping for.

How Did You and Joseph Meet? How Long Did You Date?

Joseph and I met while studying abroad in 2008. We traveled to 7 countries across Europe in one month and became fast friends. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that we decided we should probably date the person we had been measuring others up against (each other)! We only actually dated for six months before he surprised me with a proposal.

Man and woman pose in front of Christmas tree wearing blue winter jacketsMan and woman pose in front of Christmas tree wearing blue winter jackets

Did He Want Your Help in Picking The Ring Or Did He Surprise You?

I had no idea! Lucky for me I still had many friends working at DG who helped show him my style and he also had many requests. Every time he came home from law school, he would drop by the store to see a drawing of the custom design or pick a diamond or see a cast. It was so fun hearing all about the process after he proposed! Thank you Tiffany, Sophie, and David for creating something so beautiful with my husband!

It’s Pretty Rare to See an All-Yellow Gold Ring (we Love It!) – What Drew You to The Yellow Gold?

Joseph and I are both pretty old fashioned. He had always said that he wanted his ring to look like his grandfather’s wedding band and his father’s wedding band which are very similar to one another. That meant a yellow gold band with diamonds. I fell in love with yellow gold while working at DG and slowly built an all yellow gold jewelry wardrobe. I wanted our sets to match and be classic. So yellow gold was a win!

How Did Joseph Propose?

Wedding day with a large crowd at the ceremonyWedding day with a large crowd at the ceremony

Joseph was in law school in Lubbock while I was working in Dallas. Finals were a dreaded time for both of us and I knew we would celebrate once he finished his Fall exams. He came to Dallas after his last test and we headed to The Gaylord Texan in Grapevine to experience their over the top Christmas décor and ice sculpture exhibit before a nice dinner. I thought it would be a fun way to unwind after so many stressful weeks. It turns out we had more to celebrate than finals ending. After having a lot of fun in the ice exhibit and walking through the beautifully decorated atrium, Joseph and I sat down on a bench to “kill time” before dinner. He then got down on one knee and proposed! I was speechless other than “Of course!”

Tell Us About Your Wedding Rings

Chelsea’s engagement ring is a custom DG creation made of 18 kt with a round center stone and a cushion halo. It has split shanks on either side and a diamond just for her to see below the center stone on the front and back. Since Joseph was in Law School at the time this was her wedding ring for years. After finding out they were expecting their second baby girl, Joseph surprised Chelsea with a matching custom DG wedding band – on the same day he had proposed years before.

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