Townsend Dog Tags

May 20, 2021

Custom designed dog tags with inscriptions of words as well as footprintsCustom designed dog tags with inscriptions of words as well as footprints

Townsend Dog Tags

It is always an honor to be commissioned by our customers to help make a lasting memory for someone they love. It was this very reason that brother and sister Ethan and Kayla Townsend came to see our DG design team. For Father’s Day, the siblings challenged themselves to find the perfect sentimental gift for their father, Heath. An inspirational and incredibly positive figure in both of their lives, it was apparent how much Heath’s influence and love has shaped his children.

The DG design team was honored to assist them in their efforts to design the perfect gift for their dad. It was in the process of collaborating and learning more about their dad that the custom dog-tag idea came to be. Medically retired from the army due to cancer in the late ‘90s, Heath experienced much during his time overseas. According to daughter Kayla, it was the military that made him the man and father he is today.

In the military, dog tags convey basic information about the soldier to whom they belong. At David Gardner’s the dog tags that were made for a beloved father and Desert Storm War veteran convey all the info you need to know about the heart of this man. One for each child, the dog tags contain images of the Kayla and Ethan’s actual baby prints and a quote reflective of their love for him.

When they gave the dog tags to their father on Father’s Day the reaction was just as they’d hoped – happy tears. Heath wears his DG dog tags everyday and alongside his wife, remains an avid supporter of both of his children and their endeavors.

A happy family poses in front of a fence outdoors, they are all matching wearing dark red.

The Townsend Family

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