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For one week only, enjoy an extended selection of natural diamond engagement rings, special event pricing and financing options! 

Resident DG artists and designers, diamond experts and jewelers will be on hand to chat about your interests and preferences. We cannot wait to share in the excitement of the engagement ring shopping journey with you!

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Shopping for something as valuable and meaningful as an engagement ring can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. It’s SO important to ask great questions to gain an understanding of what the process looks like for purchasing and long-term care. With wear over time, your jewelry will need a little TLC… What is the jewelers policy for caring for the ring long-term? What is the policy for re-sizing and repair? 

DG LOVE is our promise to you.

When the details matter, David Gardner’s is the one to trust. 

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Bespoke design is our specialty. Consider the small selection from the website a ‘jumping off point’ for a design you have in mind. We can customize or personalize an existing design with a more straightforward profile or we can design fully from scratch — starting with a sketch on paper here in our design studio with one of our resident DG artists. 

The 4C’s

Every diamond has a unique story, not just defined by its size or sparkle, but by its journey, history, and individual characteristics. Natural diamonds are masterpieces of nature, valued not only for their stunning beauty but for their rarity and the intricate beauty that each possesses. Unlike lab-grown diamonds, which are becoming cheaper and more common, natural diamonds maintain their value over time, making them not just a financial investment but an emotional one too. These diamonds, often passed down through generations, become priceless family heirlooms, increasing in sentimental value over time. Beyond their beauty, natural diamonds have a significant positive impact, supporting 10 million people worldwide and ensuring that 80% of the value from diamond recovery benefits local communities. This makes choosing a natural diamond engagement ring not just a statement of love, but a contribution to a legacy that supports both the planet and its people.

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