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With this piece, the couple came to us wanting to update her ring for their 25th anniversary. I suggested that instead of putting the money into a bigger diamond, they could get a bigger look by letting us design a fun mounting. We used her original diamond and did an over the top personalized mounting.

David Gardner's Jewelers

The Family Stone

The customer here inherited several family pieces, one was a two carat 100 year old stone. They came in around the time they were celebrating a big anniversary wanting a new ring. The idea for this came to me during the design process, it was a concept on a corner of a piece of paper, a doodle! But her husband really engaged with the idea. It was taller, bolder, everything beyond what I thought they’d be interested in but they loved it and the stone looks incredible.

David Gardner's Jewelers

The Right Stones

With this ring, the customer brought in quite a few different pieces she didn’t wear anymore. She wanted to use them to make something she wore everyday. We decided on a right hand ring with a low profile that she loves.

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