Reel Life – Renewing Your Wedding Ring!

July 29, 2022

Designed 'Reel' graphic with rings and text on a wood backgroundDesigned 'Reel' graphic with rings and text on a wood background

The diamond engagement ring is beautiful and timeless. It almost makes you think of a classic movie reel that never goes out of style. And we’ve all seen that movie play out in reel life (pun intended), especially when purchasing that precious engagement ring…

While you may think that classic movie reel is far-fetched, we all know that engagement rings are symbolic and evoke many emotions. And they should! Your engagement ring symbolizes the union between you and your spouse and will always remind you of your love and commitment to one another. Yet, while engagement rings are pieces of symbolic jewelry, it does not mean that they must stay the same forever. Eventually (10, 20, or 30 years down the road), you may want to breathe new life into an old ring. And what better time than an anniversary to reinvent, restyle, and renew your ring!

Bryan and Wendie’s Reel Story

Whether your original engagement ring or wedding ring has worn down over the years, or you simply want to embark on a new chapter in your life with a statement piece – you have the freedom to redesign it. This is precisely what happened to Bryan and Wendie, who met nearly 30 years ago on the first day of their freshman year at Texas A&M University.

David and Dean designed Wendie’s original wedding set, and although she tried several times to upgrade, she found that she couldn’t decide on what she wanted. After all, it can be overwhelming to change something so symbolic. After knowing David for many years, Wendie decided to trust David with a redesign using her grandmother’s diamond as the center stone. David – who is a good listener, has expert creative design skills, and lots of experience – was the only jeweler to be trusted with this very important job of redesigning Wendie’s wedding ring.

And it was a happily-ever-after ending to their story. The result was a stunning 3-stone piece with so much sentimental value that Wendie will cherish for years – As she beams, “Look at how amazing this looks!”


Collection of gold and silver wedding ringsCollection of gold and silver wedding rings

Julia and David’s Anniversary Reel Milestones

One fantastic advantage of being married to a jewelry designer is getting a custom ring created by someone who knows you intimately and can accurately predict what stones and styles you’ll love. Julia and David’s 30-year love story has been memorialized in amethyst, emeralds, gold and more – but Julia’s 30th anniversary redesign was breathtaking!

While all anniversaries are to be cherished, David wanted their 30th wedding anniversary to be celebrated in a unique and significant way.

He planned a big surprise party for Julia, but did not keep it a secret since he knows her so well – she does not like to be publicly surprised. Content with a party as the gift, Julia did not suspect an anniversary gift apart from the party itself.

The night before the party, they had an intimate dinner with some friends and as David recounts it, “I said a few nice things, took her ring off, gave her the two diamond bands and put them on either side of her marquise diamond. She was thrilled. Then I said, I have another idea, and I gave her the big one and everyone just flipped.” So much for not being publicly surprised!

Julia loved her new 5 carat oval diamond and wore it with pride – on top of her many bands designed by David over the years – now multiple bands on one finger! When David asked her if it was getting too wide, Julia held up her finger and declared, “Not yet!”

P.S. The planning starts now for the gift to celebrate their 50th… Any guesses?

Don’t know where to start?

Let the 4 R’s of Wedding Renewal Be Your Guide!

What are the 4 R’s of wedding ring renewal?
They are the key factors when looking to turn an older ring into a wedding set that is new and spectacular!

– 1 –


When your taste in jewelry has changed, and you would like a full redesign that reflects who you are today.

– 2 –


If you have a diamond or other precious gem set into a band that is worn and dull, you can redesign your ring to suit your current tastes, add accent stones, or add an additional band.

– 3 –


When you love your diamond and want to accentuate it in a new setting that enhances its size and appearance. Or perhaps your prongs are starting to wear away and you don’t want to lose your cherished stone.

– 4 –


When you want to transform an old heirloom diamond into a fresh, new setting that suits your unique style.

Working with the custom jewelry designers at David Gardner’s, we can update and improve an engagement ring or wedding band ring to make it beautiful and enjoyable for years to come.

How to Start Redesigning Your Ring

There are no hard and fast rules as to why people pursue redesigning their wedding rings. Whatever reason you might have for redesigning, the important thing is that you, the wearer, are happy with what you are wearing. You can even change the cut of the stone if you’re not particularly fond of the shape of the stone on your wedding ring. You can even have it cut or replaced with a new stone of your liking. Our celebration diamonds are bright and beautiful and would be the perfect diamond to rejuvenate an original wedding set. There are many options that you can implement in redesigning your wedding ring. There are no rules you need to follow, so feel free to splurge!

In the same way that love evolves, metamorphoses, and transitions, your engagement ring or wedding band can do the same. At David Gardner’s, we make the upgrade of your ring a special moment to cherish for you and your partner.

In the same way that love evolves, metamorphoses, and transitions, your engagement ring or wedding band can do the same. At David Gardner’s, we make the upgrade of your ring a special moment to cherish for you and your partner.




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