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For those celebrations in our lives that might include seasonal holidays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other similar events, a unique piece of jewelry becomes an important remembrance.

There are many jewelry stores and jewelers in and around College Station Texas, which makes finding the right one to create a jewelry masterpiece for you a daunting task.

Yet fine jewelry custom designed by skilled jewelers and gemologists is often the perfect way to remember those special moments for years to come – and nothing can match the artistry of the custom jewelry designers at David Gardner’s Jewelers!

With so many options right at hand, what describes the character of respected jewelry designers who can meet your needs?

  • Expertise – Knowledge of current jewelry-making trends and technology!
  • Accreditation – Membership in nation-wide groups like the Gemological Institute of America!
  • Proficiency – Many years of instruction and hands-on experience in jewelry making!
  • Seeks Input – Questions are asked of clients to identify their jewelry needs!
  • Equipped and Ready to “loupe” you in!

The gift of fine jewelry custom designed by certified gemologists is an event that will long be remembered by your special someone.

For any celebration in College Station Texas that marks a significant milestone in the life of a loved one, David Gardner’s Jewelers can custom design beautiful memories just waiting to happen!

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Custom Jewelry Designers FAQs

Have you ever wondered how to find the perfect custom jewelry designer? You don’t have to wonder any longer or be concerned about making the wrong choice!

Here are some frequently asked questions you should ask custom jewelry designers before choosing one:

What is the custom jewelry process?

Creating your own unique and personalized custom piece of jewelry takes time but it’s always worth the wait in the end because you get something one of a kind that will never have an identical copy. The first step is choosing what type of custom piece you want – there are many different options so we encourage browsing through our galleries or asking us questions about what might suit you best. Once you’ve decided on whether you want sterling silver, gold, platinum or any other metal as well as what design type (e.g., custom engagement ring, custom wedding band), we’ll work to refine the details of your custom piece so that it is exactly how you want it. If there are any parts of the process where a decision cannot be made in advance, such as when designing an engagement ring with a custom design, our custom jeweler will work with you to make a decision and change it as needed.

Where do you get design inspiration?

In custom jewelry, you get to be the designer so it’s easy to find inspiration from all of your different interests. You can draw inspiration from a recent vacation while another day might yield inspiration after reading an article about custom jewelry design. Vintage pieces of jewelry can be starting points for designing new custom jewelry.

What kind of materials work well together and which do not?

The materials you choose for custom jewelry can be a matter of preference and they are something that the custom design jeweler will help guide you on. Materials like silver, gold, or platinum work well together because they complement each other.

What kind of stones do I need in order to create custom pieces?

The custom design jeweler will help you with the different types of stones and what they mean. For example, diamonds are traditionally used in custom jewelry for weddings or anniversaries because it is a stone that symbolizes forever love.

What kind of materials work well together and which do not?

The custom designer can guide you on this as there might be preferences from one person to another. However, metals like silver or gold typically go well together due to their metallic appearance whereas gems such as pearls may clash with other items since some people believe these gemstones should only be worn alone instead of mixed with others.

What are the pros and cons of the various metals?

Gold is the standard in custom design jewelry because it is a traditional metal for custom jewelry. Silver or platinum may also work depending on what they are used with and who will be wearing them.

What should I look out for when shopping for custom design jewelers?

When you go to custom jewelers, there might be an actual store that sells custom pieces where customers can browse through items such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets before ordering their preferred item. The options could vary from silver designs to gold encrusted ones with gem accents or even personalized engravings. Take your time while browsing so that you can find the best piece of custom design jewelry for yourself!

What are the pros of working with custom jewelry designers?

  • The ability to custom select what you want in a piece of custom made jewelery.
  • Depending on what they are used with and who will be wearing them, custom pieces could come out looking more unique than regular stock designs found at stores.
  • There is an opportunity for customers to customize their own new ring or necklace by adding gems or engraving something special about it if desired.
  • Many people may find that custom designed jewelry can cost less since the price depends mainly on the customer’s specifications rather than being priced as part of a set which would typically have a predetermined retail value already assigned to it.
  • Working with designers also provides clients with some flexibility when it’s time to custom design something, since they can get a sense of what it will ideally look like before the final product is created.
  • Custom designers may also be able to offer more than just one type of jewelry and incorporate different materials or styles into their work that would not typically be found in stores.

Can I upgrade my new piece of custom design jewelry later?

Yes, custom jewelry is designed on an ongoing basis rather than as a one-time purchase. If you want to change the custom design of your custom jewelry piece, all it takes is giving us some time and we’ll be happy to work with you again!

May I see the diamond’s certificate?

Yes – but first let me explain that each jeweler has their own grading system. These may be based on the GIA grading scale or else it might just specify “IF” for internally flawless. If custom jewelry is shown without a diamond certificate then we can provide you with one when you are ready to buy!

If it breaks, will you fix my custom design jewelry?

Certainly! All custom design jewelry is backed by a lifetime warranty. This includes any custom stones that you might want to add, too!

How long does it take to make custom jewelry?

This will depend on the custom jewelry piece that you are looking to have made and the degree of customization that is desired. Be sure to ask your custom jewelry designer how much time it will take to complete your unique piece of jewelry!

What should I bring to an initial custom jewelry consultation?

A picture of the custom jewelry that you are looking to have made (if possible), your budget for custom design jewelry, and any special considerations or requests that you may have, such as if they need to be hypoallergenic, custom stones etc.