The Sharpest Tools in the Shop

We have a degree of professionalism hard to find across Texas.

As a family owned company, we are able to nurture and protect our self-imposed commitment to excellence. This standard is accomplished through an unrivaled team of certified jewelry professionals committed to the highest benchmarks designated by American Gem Society, Jewelers of America and Gemological Institute of America.

Why give the DG Shop a chance? Lots of reasons, but advanced technology to ensure you get the best result from your repair is a big one!

The fact that David admits he is a jewelry technology junkie is understandable since he started his career in the jewelry industry as a bench jeweler. Forty plus years as a bench jeweler has influenced his crazy commitment to the technology and tools needed for the advanced and precise craftsmanship expected in the DG studio.

One example is that all DG jewelers have binocular microscopes at their benches and are required to set stones and do other meticulous metal-work under magnification. David challenges his jewelers to make their work look great under a microscope at the 5 and 10 power, so you can be sure it will look great to the naked eye and hold up to everyday wear.

Some jewelry repairs are not even possible without upper-end technology, such as a laser welder. Using laser technology we can achieve amazing restoration of platinum jewelry, and care for colored stone pieces, such as emeralds, and other platinum jewelry without the use of heat. It is this behind the scenes expertise that makes your jewelry repairs from David Gardner’s spectacular.

Dean would be proud of his Protégé:

Over the last four years, all of us in the DG family have enjoyed getting to know Steve. Click Here to learn more about his incredible story!