DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendants for Women That Sparkle

May 2, 2023

signature diamond or gold halo pendants with gold chainssignature diamond or gold halo pendants with gold chains

It’s no wonder that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This gem embodies female enchantment and resilience day in and day out. They look great even under pressure. They’re dazzling and strong, and keep on shining, just like women do each day as they juggle jobs, care tasks, and a million obligations to make everyone’s lives better.

This May, give her a little bit of luxury to elevate her look and let her know how much you care today and every day. Here in College Station, we recommend DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendants. (Because every woman deserves to sparkle!)

Why Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest natural substances on earth. They are built under pressure, made to withstand repeated contact as you go about daily life. That means they’re resistant to scratches and other signs of damage whenever you wear your diamond design from DG.

They’re absolutely beautiful. Known for their brilliance and ability to refract light, diamonds add the sparkle and glam you need to dress up your GALA dinner and date night outfit.

Diamonds are also April’s birthstone. So, they make perfect presents for women who were born in that month!

DG: The Only Place You Need to Shop for Diamonds

Shop our collection of DG Signature Diamond Halo pendants online. Deliberately handcrafted, our pendants are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the special women in your life. They can be easily customized to fit any style and occasion.

Mother & Her 2 Daughters Along Side Her Custom Diamond Halo Pendant from College Station's David Gardner's Jewelers

The Timeless Appeal of DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendants

Though all DG Designs make fantastic forever gifts, our DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendants stand a cut above the rest. One of our favorite things about them is their ability to be customized.

The team of designers and skilled artisans you’ll find in our College Station store are on standby to collaborate with you to customize any one of our DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendants to fit her lifestyle and personality. And if you don’t see something you know she’ll fall in love with, we’ll happily work with you to create an all-new design from scratch to match the vision you have in mind.

Personalization is part of the DG reputation—and the reason why our customers choose us when shopping for just the right present for your mom, wife, or partner. Let David Gardner’s share in your gift-giving so your present will be as unique as she is (and your relationship with her!).

David’s hidden agenda is to create moments of surprise by using meaningful, personalized design elements. In the picture above, a sapphire and ruby representing the wearer’s two daughters are set on either side of the pendant’s woven mounting. And her signature insignia ‘WW’ is featured on the back. When complimented on the sparkling piece, she quickly turns it over to say “THIS is what I love!

Two Paths to Create a Custom Gift She’ll Love

At David Gardner’s, we make it painless to present the precious woman in your life with a personal expression of your appreciation. There are two routes you can take with a custom gift here at DG.

1. Custom Details

Perhaps you’re enamored with a design you see in the case when you shop our store in person and would like to gift it to her soon. In many instances, we can quickly personalize this specific piece to fit the occasion or celebration at hand.

Co-owner and award-winning jewelry designer, David Gardner, crafts pieces for the case anticipating this type of scenario. DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendants are designed with an easily removable and replaceable backing. If time allows, the piece can be personalized, wrapped and ready for the gifting occasion.

But even if the turnaround is tight, you can purchase your DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendant as-is. It’s a breathtaking statement on its own, as Sophie portrays as she proudly wears her 5.00 carat diamond with its delicate halo.

Though, if you still want a touch of custom but need to have something for her to open on the special occasion, our team of artists will provide you with an artist’s sketch of what’s to come. She’ll be delighted as she anticipates the something sparkly that’s being created just for her.

Blonde Woman Smiling Facing the Camera Wearing the David Gardner's 5 Carat Diamond Halo Pendant along with a second diamond necklace, diamond studs, a diamond bracelet, and pink gemstone rink

2. Custom

If you are inspired by something in the case but you’re not 100% in love with it, no worries. We’ll sit down with our team of artists and collaborate on ideas until the concept and design are exactly what you have in mind.

This process is what we like to call the “Full Custom” or “DG-Crazy Custom” process. It’s worth noting that designing a one-of-a-kind piece of this nature can take several months, depending on the complexity of your design. So, if you do decide on the “full custom” option, stop by David Gardner’s at your earliest convenience to begin the design journey.

50th Anniversary Custom Diamond Pendant along side photos of a couple at their wedding and 50 years later

The Many Possibilities of Personalization

Push the boundaries of what’s possible with the diamond pendant you create or embellish at David Gardner’s. Past designs we’ve made for clients illustrate just some of the ways to add custom touches to your DG pendant. Include the birthstones of your children in hidden locations surrounding the mounting and the first letters of your children’s names on the back of the mounting, like Wendie did on her DG pendant. Personalize your pendant with how many years you’ve been married on the back of it, like Neal Adams did for his and Sonja’s 50th anniversary. Consider choosing a carat weight that symbolizes the special occasion you’re celebrating, such as a 4.00 carat diamond as the pendant center stone to mark a 40th birthday.

Tap Into DG’s Tradition of Custom Treasures 

Don’t let May pass by without treating the special woman in your life with a timeless gift that will light up her eyes. Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, a special anniversary, a milestone birthday, a retirement, or the beginning of your empty-nester phase, let DG help you honor the woman that means the world to you. Because big moments deserve big sparkle!

Find the DG Signature Diamond Halo Pendant that matches her aesthetic when you shop our collection online. Or stop by our College Station jewelry shop in person so we can help you find something fabulous to surprise her with.

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