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Special occasions take place in our lives and when they do, you want to get that special someone a memorable gift to create a permanent memory of that moment in time.

When it comes to picking out the perfect gift for special people and occasions, you want something that will make them feel loved and cherished.

The jewelry stores in Houston Texas have an abundance of gemstones and finding the right one can seem daunting at times – even the abundance of resources found on the internet like Pinterest and Etsy only leave you more confused and unable to make a choice than you were when beginning to search!

What can you do – who can you turn to for help?

When looking for custom designed jewelry, David Gardner’s Jewelers has an unrivaled team of certified jewelry professionals who would love to help guide you on this journey towards making memories that will last a lifetime with just one purchase – priceless indeed!

If you live in Houston Texas and it has become clear that you need help in finding perfect one-of-a-kind jewelry, your time will be well spent taking the short drive to David Gardner’s Jewelers!

Here you will find experienced jewelers and gemologists who will design a fine piece of jewelry such as a neckace, bracelet, or ring just right for your loved one.

When looking for the perfect gift in all sorts of places including all of the endless jewelry ads on the internet and social media, what is it that makes David Gardner’s Jewelers stand out as a special jewelry store to create custom designed jewelry?

  • Their use of unique, sophisticated jewelry technology and tools!
  • They stay up-to-date with the latest jewelry trends because of their dedication to continuing education that puts them at the forefront of custom jewelry design!
  • A strong and unwavering commitment to excellence in design artistry!
  • Unsurpassed quality standards in all work done!

Designated as a Top 10 Coolest Store in America by Instore magazine and welcomed into the National Jeweler’s Retailer Hall of Fame in 2019, David Gardner’s Jewelers is the place to go for custom designed jewelry that will truly make you stand out from the crowd in Houston Texas!

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Custom Designed Jewelry FAQs

Whether looking for a specific type of stone or a certain style of setting for your unique custom jewelry, here are some frequently asked questions about working with a custom jewelry designer.

What is a custom-made ring?

A custom ring is a single piece of jewelry for engagement or wear, made to the specifications and measurements that suit your needs. A jeweler will work with you to decide stone types, metal type, and design specifics such as band width and finger size to create a one-of-a-kind product.

What is the custom jewelry design process?

The custom design process varies depending on whether you’re looking for custom-made jewelry or custom repairs. For custom pieces, a jeweler will analyze your needs in order to create an individualized product that suits your tastes and expectations while fulfilling the standards of quality craftsmanship. Custom repairs are also made based upon specifications such as size and metal type but they do not involve any customization beyond what is required for the repair itself.

Can I make a custom engagement ring from family jewels?

Absolutely! The custom design process allows you to choose any gemstone and setting combination as well as the metal type for your custom engagement ring based on family jewels.

How long does it take to make an engagement ring?

There is no set time frame for custom engagement rings since every one of them has its own unique design. However, the average custom order takes between four to eight months to process from beginning to end.

How much does custom jewelry cost?

The cost of custom jewelry varies depending on the design complexity, metal type, and gemstones. As an example, an engagement ring with a diamond solitaire could start at $1,500 and increase as design variables, such as complexity and carat weight, increase as well.

How do I pick the right style of custom jewelry?

The custom jewelry designer will guide you through the design process and help choose a style based on the type of metal and gemstones to be included.

Customers have many options when it comes to customizing your purchase, such as gemstones, metal type, or even personalized engravings. The jeweler will present all of these options so that the custom jewelry will look perfect for you.

How do I choose a diamond?

The four characteristics that determine the quality and value of a diamond are carat, cut, clarity, and color. The industry rates diamonds according to these qualities in order to establish their retail value. Quality diamonds are graded by an expert who can offer a certificate of authentication when applicable.

How do you take care of custom jewelry?

Because custom jewelry is not mass-produced, it should be handled with care. This includes avoiding exposure to chemicals and other household objects that can damage the finish of your custom designed piece.

It’s best to take off custom jewelry when doing housework or activities like ball sports, contact sports like boxing or wrestling, as well as any high-risk activities that may harm your custom designed piece if it is not protected with something like gloves.

Can I get my piece of custom jewelry repaired if something happens?

Yes, custom jewelry can be repaired if something happens. You’ll need to contact a custom jewelry store and ask them what their policies are for repairs.

The best way to take care of your custom-designed piece is by avoiding any activities that might damage it while being worn.