A Season to Shine with David Yurman

November 30, 2023

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David Yurman is a household name in the fine jewelry industry and David Gardner’s is honored to bring the rich heritage and beautiful artistry of the brand to our customers in College Station, Texas. 

David, Sybil and Evan Yurman

The David Yurman Company is built on passion, collaboration and curiosity. Founded in 1980 by David and Sybil Yurman, the company is, in their own words, “one long art project.” Their ability to fuse fashion, art and jewelry into signature design concepts revolutionized an industry, creating an entirely new category—American Designer Jewelry. 

Similar to our very own DG story, both David Yurman and his wife, Sybil, continue to lead the charge and remain as involved today in their family business as they were nearly 50 years ago when the original creation of the iconic David Yurman Cable came to be. 

David Yurman pendant necklaces in silver and gold.
David Yurman chain bracelets in silver and gold.
David Yurman chains.


David Yurman’s signature motif, Cable began as a bracelet that he created for his wife, Sybil. Inspired by the bronze rods he used for his direct-welded sculptures, David twisted individual strands of metal into a helix and embellished the end caps with colored gemstones. Today, Cable shapes every design, creating movement, texture and depth. 

As David has said, 

“Cable is the river that runs through everything I do.”

The collection was born from David’s time absorbing the art of the past at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, where he would draw. 

Defined by David Yurman’s signature motif, an enduring form which creates movement, texture and depth.

Stacks, Stories… Building Your Collection

David Yurman cable bracelets in silver and gold.

We create meticulously crafted jewelry with a relaxed and comfortable sense of luxury that effortlessly accentuates the beauty of our customer in anything they want to do, at any time of day or night.

From classic additions within cornerstone collections to modern, chic masterpieces adorned with precious gemstones, when the Yurmans begin the process of designing something ‘new’, they stay true to incorporating their familiar cable design in every piece crafted. David Yurman represents the diverse beauty that is both classic and modern, elegant and natural, sophisticated and spirited. 

Our hope at David Gardner’s is that our team may help you make selections for new pieces that pair well with pieces you already own as you continue to build your collection of jewelry. We are so proud to be a part of the David Yurman family and we love the opportunity to continue sharing their designs and their story with you.

David Yurman chain necklace in silver with bar
David Yurman chain necklace in gold
David Yurman chain necklace in silver
David Yurman pearl necklace with silver detail


David Yurman chains are inspired by classical and original motifs, and meticulously handcrafted by artisans. The chains are innovative and created to be worn alone, layered, or with unique enhancers from an assortment of David Yurman collections.

David Yurman chain necklace in silver, gold and rose gold


The Sculpted Cable Collection evolves from David Yurman’s signature cable design. By flattening cable’s cylindrical shape, this collection plays with perspective, transforming its original helix into a carved relief. Here the iconic spiral motif is reimagined in smooth, wave-like patterns that emphasize the refractive and dimensional qualities of the flutes, with and without diamonds. The collection calls to mind the sinuous forms found in the natural world—a beautiful marriage of art and nature. 

David Yurman pendant necklace in silver
David Yurman earrings in gold
David Yurman bracelet in silver
David Yurman ring in gold
David Yurman men's pendant necklace in silver and gold

Men’s Jewelry

In 2003, Sybil and David Yurman’s son, Evan, joined the company and became the Design Director of Men’s Jewelry. 

This Christmas season, David Gardner’s is proud to offer a full selection of David Yurman’s Men’s Jewelry. 

From best-selling chains and bracelets to iconic tokens of affection, celebrate your loved ones this holiday season with the gift of elevated style and modern sophistication that defines David Yurman’s Men’s Jewelry Collection. 

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