A Love Story – Q&A With Newlyweds Casey and Cassie Mahoney

February 28, 2022

Newlyweds Casey and Cassie Mahoney WeddingNewlyweds Casey and Cassie Mahoney Wedding

How did you meet?

Casey: We met through a mutual friend of ours, Sloan Finke, who introduced us on Cinco De Mayo. However, following that introduction we became close friends for several years before we actually started dating.

What did you do on your first date?

Cassie: We laugh as we answer this question, because somehow this man managed to scoop me up without ever taking me on a “real” date. One could say, “unofficially,” our first date was to the Texas A&M vs Vanderbilt football game with both our families and friends in Nashville. Following that trip is when we officially started dating.

How did you propose?

Casey: “I proposed to Cassie on a family quail hunting trip in South Texas on the Mariposa Ranch. She thought we were giving this trip to our dad’s as a Christmas gift, but little did she know I had something else in store. It was the last hunt of the day and as we were walking back to the hunting rig, I got down on one knee and “popped the question.” As soon as she said yes, both our parents came running up from the truck, champagne in hand, to celebrate with us! To add to the surprises, I had several of our friends come in that day to surprise her when we got back to the hunting lodge to celebrate with us.

Did you know the proposal was going to happen?

Cassie: “I had no clue he was going to propose. Throughout the entire trip, I kept thinking, “gosh, if he knew me at all he would know this is the most perfect place to propose, surrounded by our family!” I was in such shock when he got down on one knee, I think I just looked at him and cried tears of joy until I could blurt out the word, “YES!” I could not have imagined a more perfect engagement. He thought of every detail and made it so special!

Did he know what style engagement ring you wanted or was it a complete surprise?

A young couple pose for a photoA young couple pose for a photo

Cassie: Casey knew I liked cushion cut diamonds, however, he called it a pillow case shape because he could never remember “cushion,” but that was about all the direction he had.

What is your favorite part about the engagement ring?

Cassie: I think my favorite part about the engagement ring is knowing Casey put his heart and personal touches into it. The fact that he had the opportunity to custom design the ring with David, someone we love, respect, and cherish a friendship with makes everything about this ring so special. Every time I look down at my finger, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear. It’s almost as if they took my personality and made it into a ring.

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