40th anniversary


Celebrate 40 years of David Gardner’s Jewelers art with a sneak peek at the exclusive 40th-anniversary designs

Julia and David Gardner smiling in front of illustrations and designs of the 40th collection.
David Gardner's Signature
Julia Gardner's Signature

This exclusive collection marks four decades of exquisite craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless elegance in the world of fine jewelry. Be captivated by a breathtaking array of meticulously designed masterpieces, each intricately designed by our team of skilled artisans under the direction of David Gardner himself. This celebration of artistry and passion, showcasing new designs, reflect the essence of beauty and sophistication. The pieces feature an exceptional range of gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and more.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s wonders, architectural marvels, and profound life experiences, David Gardner’s Jewelers has redefined the boundaries of jewelry design, setting new standards of excellence. Whether you are an avid collector, a connoisseur of luxury, or simply an admirer of fine art, we are excited to introduce you to this collection. Immerse yourself in the world of David Gardner’s and experience forty years of passion, dedication, and innovation through the art of fine jewelry.

Yellow gold black opal and tsavorite ring

Black Opal + Tsavorite Ring:

Celebrating the Strokes of Engineering & Artistry

David Gardner’s black opal and tsavorite ring exemplifies the art and engineering of jewelry design that transcends mere adornment. 

Swirling brushstrokes of blues and greens come to life across the one-of-a-kind black opal’s captivating melange of colors. 

Bezel set in a warm yellow gold, the timeless metal provides a harmonious contrast to the dynamic colors, creating balance and elegance.

Watermelon tourmaline earrings in yellow gold

Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings:

A Design by Granddaughter Piper

Artistry runs In the family! The Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings, designed by David and Julia’s granddaughter Piper, are a true double-take-worthy masterpiece.

With the striking gradient of the gorgeous watermelon tourmaline stones that take center stage accompanied by the delicate diamonds that contour the curved drop earrings, the Watermelon Tourmaline earrings invite playful admiration.

These earrings are a joyful reminder of how fun-loving concepts can produce some of the most brilliant pieces of jewelry design.

Blue and green starfish inspired ring in yellow gold

Starfish Ring:

Channeling the Spirit of Renewal & Regeneration

In the world of jewelry, some pieces carry a profound symbolism.

The starfish ring was an original concept presented by DG, after visiting his dear friend Gene. The ring illustrates a starfish, designed to serve as a beautiful emblem of renewal and regeneration.

Starfish have the rare ability to regrow their own limbs through a process called epimorphic regeneration. Experiencing the trials and tribulations of grief is an uncontrollable part of the human condition, but just as a starfish can regrow, humans are capable of resilience during heavy times.

The ring’s design is a testament to the beauty of nature’s harmony, as well as an empowering message of strength and endurance to continue pushing forward.

Floral inspired earring in yellow gold

Bloom 2.0 Earrings: 

Construction Meets Deconstruction 

Oftentimes, iconic designs can find new life through innovative reinterpretations. The Bloom 2.0 Earrings are a beloved example of this creative evolution.

These earrings take the concept of a flower and artfully deconstruct it. Like a flower that blooms anew each season, these earrings breathe fresh life into a well-loved design.

Paying homage to the past while embracing the future, the Bloom 2.0 Earrings retain a timeless elegance while capturing an imaginative take on nature’s grace.

dangle earrings featuring pearls, diamonds and chrysoprase gemstones

Chrysoprase Dangle Earrings:

Bridging Two Eras of Design

Striking a balance between classic and contemporary, the Chrysoprase dangle earrings reflect the enduring appeal of nature’s bounty and the artistry of jewelry design.

The focal point of the earrings is the green-apple hue of the chrysoprase gemstones that sway gently with every movement.

The cluster atop the earrings Is a compatible combination of pearls, diamonds, and emeralds that come together to create a dazzling bouquet of brilliance.

As these Chrysoprase Dangle Earrings gracefully sway, they come alive, enchanting viewers with their mesmerizing play of color and light.

Floral inspired earrings featuring pink tourmaline

Floral Fan Earrings:

An Ode to Organic Growth

Continuing the nature motif, these Floral Fan earrings draw inspiration from the delicate and intricate forms of flowers.

Nature’s artistry is beautifully captured in the graceful arcs and curves of the golden wires, which resemble the petals of a blooming flower.

Flowing alongside the gold wire are sparkling pave diamonds, carefully placed to accentuate the curves of the flower form like dewdrops glistening on petals in the morning sun.

At the heart of each earring rests a captivating cabochon pink tourmaline, illustrating the soft, romantic essence of a delicate flower in full bloom.

Peridot gemstone and blue zircon ring in yellow gold

Two-Stone Bypass Ring:

Edgy Meets Enchanting 

At its core, the Brush Stroke Bypass Ring celebrates a symbol of artistic expression.

Breathing life into a timeless concept, DG has ingeniously translated the brushstroke theme into a number of jewelry designs.

This ring considers a bolder take on the classic brushstroke, featuring not one but two pave brushstrokes, creating a dynamic and visually engaging design.

Like droplets of paint on an artist’s canvas, the Brush Stroke Bypass ring features two vibrant stones. Nestled on one end of the ring sits a peridot gemstone, lush in its beautiful green hue. Sitting opposite the peridot is a captivating blue zircon, providing a balance alongside the warm tones it accompanies.

Indicolite Blue Tourmaline Earrings

Blue Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings:

An Elegant Expression of Originality

The Indicolite Blue Tourmaline Earrings stand out as a masterpiece that seamlessly marries classic sophistication with a bold, contemporary twist.

At the heart of these exquisite earrings lies the indicolite blue tourmaline, a gemstone known for its rarity and exceptional color.

Surrounding each indicolite blue tourmaline is a halo, setting itself apart from those deemed more traditional with its unique flair and intricate detailing.

These earrings are the epitome of versatility. Capable of capturing elegance with modern panache, the Indicolite Blue Tourmaline Earrings are an invitation to embrace the extraordinary.

Pink and yellow pendant necklace in yellow gold

Color Symphony Pendant:

A Customizable Convergence of Color

The Color Symphony Pendant is a custom piece that captures a remarkable fusion of colors and holds the power to tell the stories through the gemstones it holds.

Unlike the symmetrical, this pendant embraces the beauty of asymmetry. Despite this, there is a profound balance established through the array of color, allowing each stone to shine while also contributing to the overall visual symphony.

One of the most enchanting features of the Color Symphony Pendant is its personalization potential. Individuals can select specific gemstones and colors that hold a personal significance, allowing them to craft their own stories and memories into the piece.

Tsavorite and Mandarin Garnet Ring in yellow gold

Tsavorite and Mandarin Garnet Bypass Ring:

A Balancing Act

With simple elegance and dainty beauty, the Tsavorite and Mandarin Garnet Ring is a celebration of beauty found In contrast. 

Logan, David and Julia’s grandson, played a key role in the design process by choosing the two stones featured in this mirrored bypass ring. 

Tsavorite, with its enchanting green brilliance sits opposite a vivid orange mandarin garnet. Both gemstones are enveloped in a warm yellow gold and pave diamond that bypass one another in a twisting, brushstroke movement. 

For those who appreciate the power of contrast in design, this Tsavorite and Mandarin Garnet Bypass Ring is a remarkable standout, as well as a testament to Logan’s discerning eye!

Tahitian Pearl Pendant

Tahitian Pearl Pendant:

A Reimagined Classic

For those who appreciate the beauty of pearls and the joy of interaction In jewelry, the Tahitian Pearl Pendant is a delightful choice.

This pearl necklace is intended to demonstrate how a contemporary twist can be placed on a classic design by combining perpetual elegance with a modern playfulness.

The Tahitian Pearl, renowned for its deep, iridescent luster and stunning range of colors, serves as the focal point of the necklace, drawing attention with its natural beauty and captivating allure.

What sets the pearl pendant apart is its unique design structure. Rather than being set in place, the pearl is constructed to be able to move freely within its setting.

With its unique qualities, the Tahitian Pearl Pendant Is a fresh take on a classic pearl drop, infused with a sense of modernity and fun.

Cabochon Garnet Waterfall Ring in Yellow Gold

Cabochon Garnet Waterfall Ring:

A Symbol of Fearlessness and Fluidity

This Cabochon Garnet Waterfall Ring is a stunning example of how jewelry can boldly embrace color and evoke a sense of celebration through its form.

At the heart of this remarkable ring lies a striking cabochon garnet, a gemstone chosen for its bold red hue. The cabochon, cut with its smooth, rounded surface, captures an essence of warmth and intensity.

Surrounding the cabochon garnet Is a delicate halo of pave-set diamonds. These glistening stones serve as a radiant frame for the garnet, enhancing its brilliance and providing a striking contrast between the richness of the center stone’s color and the yellow gold metal that encompasses the ring.

As the eyes travel down the shank, they are met with a cascading waterfall of rubies and diamonds, creating a sense of movement and excitement, as if the flames of the garnet are flowing down the wearer’s finger.

40th anniversary