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You are dining in a fine restaurant in College Station Texas and happen to notice a good-looking couple passing by – and your eyes are riveted to the watch on his wrist, thinking to yourself that it must be a very expensive luxury watch from one of those high-end watchmakers.

Your next thought is this – why would anyone spend that much money on a luxury watch, it cannot do anything more than tell time, can it?

No one in College Station Texas will give the same answer for indulging in a luxury watch, yet some of them give you a completely new outlook on luxury watches.

Follow along with some of the answers given to invest in a luxury watch:

  • A desire to be unique and memorable by choosing limitless design possibilities
  • Showing your personal value through something such as luxuries like these.
  • Simply put – it’s cool to own luxury watches.

You are convinced – a luxury watch is definitely in your future, but where do you being to look in College Station Texas?

Never fear – google search is here!

Your search results show the primary jewelry store in College Station Texas that carries a top-end brand like Tudor watches is David Garner’s Jewelers!

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Luxury Watches FAQs

When looking for a luxury watch, questions might be the most important aspect of the shopping experience. Knowing what to ask and how to make sure you are getting the right watch will save you money in the long run.

Here are some questions frequently asked about the world of luxury watches:

What is considered a luxury watch?

The definition of a luxury watch is broad and open to interpretation. Nevertheless, we can consider this as an answer. A luxury watch is a timepiece that:

  • Is manufactured in limited quantities
  • Delivers high quality materials or components (be it an automatic movement or the dial)
  • Attracts attention for its aesthetic and styling
  • Is more expensive than an average watch (be it the cost of acquisition or the maintenance).

Why should I buy a luxury watch?

Firstly, you should buy a luxury watch because it makes you feel good. You will look at this timepiece every day and in the morning as soon as you wake up or before going to bed at night. It is your companion during special events and travels. The other reason to wear a luxury watch is that you love watches: their design, movements, tens of manufacturing steps needed to produce them. In brief, you buy a luxury watch for the same reasons as you spend money on clothing: they are both items that make the wearer feel proud and beautiful.

Which style luxury watch is best?

The answer depends on your personal preferences, but also the occasion. If you are a ski pro, no doubt a watch with chronograph functions will be most suitable: it measures time elapsed and counts down to the moment when you want to make an effort. If you are looking for a present for someone who appreciates luxury watches, then buy one that is practical and has few complicated functions so he/she won’t soon get bored by its design and operation features.

Should I set a budget before buying a luxury watch?

Buying a luxury watch is not like buying something small. You will spend quite some money so you have to be mentally prepared for that.

What is a good type of movement for luxury watches?

The best type of movement for a luxury watch is one that can be seen through the transparent back cover. If you are buying it as a gift, make sure your friend or relative will like its movement. Before you buy it, check out what others think about this type of movement.

Will it be an extra cost to have a luxury watch serviced?

Like with any mechanical device, luxury watches need servicing from time to time. Be sure you know what it will cost before you buy and be prepared for that.

Which luxury watch will best suit my lifestyle?

There are luxury watches that will be suited to the fast-paced executive as well as those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. If you cannot decide, do not feel confined to one type of watch. There are different types of movements and designs within each category.

What kind of wristband should I buy for my luxury watch?

Some people prefer leather, others metal and still others a different material. If you know what you want, this shouldn’t be a problem for you to find it. For those who aren’t sure, ask the salesperson who can help you make your choice.

How should a luxury watch fit on my wrist?

It should fit snugly and feel snug against your wrist. It should never feel tight or pinching. A quality watch will have a deployment clasp, which is an extended metal strip incorporated into the strap that uses two sliding arms to attach securely to the watch case. This ensures a good fit without sacrificing security.

Should I buy a new or pre-owned luxury watch?

This is a philosophical question. Can you afford the luxury watch? If so, buy it new.

Is it hard to learn how to use a luxury watch?

It’s not hard to learn how to use a luxury watch, but it does take time. However, learning the functions and mechanisms of the product is not necessarily required for its enjoyment.

Are luxury watches more accurate than regular watches?

Yes. The luxury watch industry is one of the oldest industries in the world as they have been producing timepieces for hundreds of years. What’s more, with technological advances continuing to improve accuracy it could be argued that new watches are now more accurate than ever.

What is the difference between a quartz and an automatic movement?

Quartz watch movements are electronic, not mechanical. An automatic movement is a mechanical movement and contains a series of gears that can wind the mainspring for the watch.

How long will my battery last?

The average battery life of most luxury watches is 2-4 years, but it depends on how often you wear them and what type they are. If you charge your watch every night and wear it everyday then the batteries last longer than if you only charged it once a month or less often.

How do I know if the battery on my luxury watch is dying?

When the battery gets to a certain point where it needs to be charged more often than usual, it’s definitely dying.

How do I change the battery on my watch?

Most people can change the batteries on their own, however if you are not confident in doing this please take your watch to an official jeweller and let them know that you need a new battery.