Anniversary Gift Guide – Jewelry She Will Wear Every Day!

February 8, 2022

Family sits together smiling on the pavementFamily sits together smiling on the pavement

We celebrate our wedding anniversaries only once a year and one way to make your occasion special is with beautiful and sentimental anniversary jewelry. From simpler pieces like pendants or custom-designed necklaces and bracelets, gemstone jewelry is a classic gift that not only expresses your love but can be worn every day!

Available in an endless range of styles and prices, one-of-a-kind jewelry makes a timeless anniversary gift whether you are celebrating your 1st anniversary or your 50th!

Diamond Jewelry – Not Just For Special Occasions

As fancy and luxurious as it may seem, some jewelry is meant or you to wear every day, not just a few times a year on a special occasion. Well-chosen pieces of anniversary jewelry that fit your style lets you wear reminders of your love for each other daily. Whether dressing up or staying casual, a custom designed necklace, diamond pendant, or gemstone bracelet can fit any occasion, making it the perfect anniversary gift to receive.

Essential Pieces for Everyday Wearing

As a tip to help choose fine jewelry for an anniversary, consider items that work well with any clothing style and taste based on your currently-existing wardrobe. Jewelry that has been custom designed can be created with a classic appearance that looks perfect when worn daily. Some classic diamond jewelry that is perfect for an anniversary gift you can wear every day might include:

  • Rings – To go along with your wedding engagement ring and band, custom-designed diamond anniversary bands are favored by many and make a loving testament of your years together.
  • Earrings – A simple, traditional, and beautiful set of diamond solitaire studs go well with any hairstyle and outfit, from jeans and a tee to a formal dress. Small diamond huggie and hoop earrings are another subtle, yet sophisticated choice.
  • Crosses – If you wear crosses, what could be better than a diamond cross necklace hand set with your stone of choice as a simple, yet beautiful everyday piece?
  • Pendants – Along similar lines, almost any gemstone pendant hung on a delicate chain makes a soft yet impressive statement and is ideal for daily wear.
  • Bracelets – A gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet or diamond-adorned bangles peeking out from under a sleeve or displayed on an open arm is yet another timeless and traditional piece of everyday anniversary jewelry that should be on every woman’s wrist.
  • Necklaces – Custom gemstone necklaces offset by a few small diamonds is yet another versatile piece to wear.

Make Anniversaries Special With Custom Designed Jewelry

A wedding anniversary is a special day for you and your spouse – and custom-designed jewelry makes that day even more special. If you need gift suggestions, some of our customer favorites are diamond line bracelets, diamond studs, diamond bands, pendants, bangle bracelets and crosses. Timeless anniversary jewelry chosen for its sentimental value, its quality, and the statement it makes is a lifetime gift that you can and should wear every day!

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