Diamond wedding rings are the jewelry equivalent of a classic movie REEL that never goes out of style no matter how many times it gets remade. While that original, traditional ring design might hold a certain charm to it, there are new and creative ways to turn your current ring into a brand new custom designed ring that shows off your current tastes.

It is also a great way to commemorate renewing wedding vows, a milestone anniversary, or another significant occasion. If turning an old setting into a brand new custom diamond wedding ring sounds appealing, let the 4 R’s of wedding ring renewal be your guide!

What Are the 4 R’s of Wedding Ring Renewal?

The 4R’s of wedding ring renewal are the key factors when looking to turn an older ring with a simple or outdated setting into an incredible new wedding ring set:

  1. Restyle - When your taste in jewelry has changed and you would like a custom designed ring that reflects it.
  2. Reinvent - When you want to achieve a completely different look by adding accent stones or gems, an enhancer or additional band, colorful stones, switching to a new metal, or even upgrading the stone itself.
  3. Remount - When you love your diamond and want to accentuate it in a new setting that enhances its size and appearance.
  4. Renew - When you want to transform an old heirloom diamond or setting into a fresh, new one that suits your style.

Any of these reasons make working with a custom jewelry designer to update to a custom-made diamond wedding ring a great choice. Improving and upgrading a wedding ring not only makes it more beautiful and stylish, it increases its value as well.

When Should A Wedding Ring Be Renewed? 

Though there is no right or wrong time to renew a wedding ring, there are certain times when couples do it more often. The most common reason and time for updating to a custom designed wedding ring is the celebration of an anniversary when an upgraded ring symbolizes your enduring relationship.

Many years down the road, most couples have become more financially stable and have a larger disposable income that allows for renewing an old ring into a new custom ring that fits in with more mature status in life. Some simply choose to do it when they want their diamond ring to have a new look. All three factors may coincide at once, making a wedding ring renewal an obvious choice!

Celebrate With A Renewed Custom Designed Wedding Ring

Whether you are renewing marriage vows, commemorating a milestone anniversary, or have simply outgrown the style of your current ring, reinventing it into a custom designed wedding ring can once again give you the ring of your dreams. The 4 R’s of custom designed wedding ring renewal can turn your current setting into a beautiful new one that totally transforms your diamond. A certified bench jeweler and gemologist can custom design a ring to be just as you pictured it in your reel life!

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