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Featured Aggie Engagement from David Gardner's Jewelers

Allison & Ian

The day of their wedding was anything but picture perfect. The storms had been relentless for days but they held out hope. As the day progressed the couple came to the heart-wrenching decision to postpone their wedding and everything that followed made a story you’ll not soon forget.

Allison and Ian met in middle school and were high school sweethearts. Together for six years before they wed, the couple has experienced much of their young lives hand in hand. Both Aggies, Allison began working for David Gardner’s Jewelers as a draftsman in the design studio several years prior to their engagement. She eventually drew the engagement ring she hoped to one day receive. Last year Ian had Allison’s dream ring made while she was studying abroad in Italy. He proposed in Rome a short time later!

The next step was to decide on Ian’s ring. Once they decided he would also have a custom David Gardner band, they chose the symbol of waves to incorporate into his ring. As recent Texas A&M ocean-engineering graduate, the waves held special meaning for both Allison and Ian. The incredible custom ring is two-tone with a white gold “sky” and yellow gold wave pattern wrapping around the bottom of the ring.

When the date was set, the dress was purchased, the wedding was planned the one thing you can’t control – the weather, reared its very unpredictable head. 

Aggie Engagements

In May, Texas had some of the most severe weather it had seen in years. Tornados touched down in the Bryan College Station area smashing through neighborhoods and pulling up trees over 100 years old like twigs. Flooding was rampant throughout the state, closing roads and shutting down businesses in the Tomball area where the wedding was set to take place.

Although the rain never let up, the preparations moved forward. Decorations were perfect, the bride’s makeup was flawless, the chairs faced the alter, everything was set. But the rain only got worse. As roads continued to close, the texts and calls began to come in – no one could get through. The cake, the food, the officiant, all blocked by flooded roads. Just when the heart-wrenching decision was made to move the wedding to the next day, same time same place, the owner of the venue declined their request, they would not have the wedding in Tomball after all.

Aggie Engagements

With less than 24 hours to plan a new wedding they needed a caterer, a DJ, a hair and makeup artist, a location, and a photographer!!! A family friend generously offered her beautiful Cypress home for their use. Friends and family in the area pitched in until 3 a.m. to move decorations and set up an entirely new venue 15 miles away.

The next day was perfect. Sun shining, waters receding, the hundreds of phones calls it took to salvage a wedding were finally complete and the new details were set. You would have never known this wedding was Plan B, everything was beautiful, even better than before. The ceremony went off without a hitch and the happy couple and guests danced the night away!

“At the end of the day, it didn’t matter where we got married, it just mattered that all our friends and family were able to be there,” said Allison. “The innumerable acts of love and kindness from our friends and family far outweighed any disappointment I felt over the wedding chaos.”

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