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The Evolution of David Gardner and His Brand

When people think of David Gardner’s Jewelers, they likely think about the detailed journey that a custom DG piece travels through, from the initial idea to a polished product. But the story of how David Gardner developed as a master jeweler and how his enterprise evolved as a brand is another intricate journey that deserves recognition. Let’s dive into the tale of master jeweler David [...]

The Evolution of David Gardner and His Brand2022-10-05T12:48:58-05:00

Legacy of Hope

At first glance, 2022 might seem like just an ordinary year. But here in College Station - in Texas A&M University territory - this year marked 100 Years of the 12th Man. Originating with E. King Gill’s symbolic suit-up for the Aggies on January 2, 1922, fans have personally felt partially responsible for every A&M victory. And with last October’s triumph over Alabama, it’s [...]

Legacy of Hope2022-08-19T14:51:47-05:00

A Powerhouse Partner That Will Make You Look More Brilliant

Our Values Diamonds are bright, complex, beautiful, and valuable. Each one a is treasure that is created naturally in the Earth. It is the symbol of all things valuable and the proverbial girl’s best friend. However, these little treasures can be difficult to understand with all their complexities. At David Gardner’s Jewelers, we are proud of our integrity, knowledge, quality, exceptional service, and unparalleled [...]

A Powerhouse Partner That Will Make You Look More Brilliant2022-07-27T19:22:01-05:00
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